Cuban Flavors Grow in the DMV

Colada Shop DC’s colorful facade. Photo by Rey Lopez.

Colada Shop DC’s colorful facade. Photo by Rey Lopez.

By Jessica Wolfrom

Thinking of Cuban food, we conjure up the island’s famed sandwiches, strong coffee and sugary rum cocktails. But Cuban food is so much more; it’s a confluence of cultures, ideas and people, mashed together to delicious effect.

“The history of Cuban cuisine has incredible influence from around the world, from Africa to Spain, Portugal and France,” says Mario Monte, chef and co-owner of Colada Shop.

Monte, who was born in Miami to a Cuban father and Italian mother, doesn’t seem at all surprised by the uptick in Cuban outposts around the District. “The resurgence of popularity in this pearl of an island just proves that how good its flavorful origins are as well as the vibrancy of its people,” he says. Now, Washingtonians can experience more Cuban flavors at a number of spots around the DMV. We’ve rounded up the best of the new.

Colada Shop DC’s croquetas preparadas. Photo by Brian Oh.

Colada Shop DC’s croquetas preparadas. Photo by Brian Oh.

Colada Shop

Coladas and conversation come easy at this 14th Street NW Corridor café. But Colada Shop serves more than just rum-drenched cocktails. This colorful shop from Barmini alum Juan Coronado, chef Mario Monte and Daniella Senior opened its doors (and walk-up bar window) to the District last February following the success of its original shop in Sterling, VA.

During the day, the shop brews the real-deal Colada—four shots of espresso sweetened with sweet crema and served with demitasse cups to share—as well as other caffeinated Cuban favorites like a cortadito (espresso steamed evaporated milk and foam) and café Cubano, a shot of coffee sweetened with crema.

Start your day with a potato and sofrito tortilla or a classic Cuban tostada. For lunch, the shop offers a lineup of sandwiches like the famous Cubano (ham, slow-roasted pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, pickles and cilantro on Cuban-style bread) or the croqueta preparada (crispy chicken croquet served over ham and Swiss). Late-risers can snag empanadas, croquetas or pastelitos at any time.

By night, rum cocktails flow to Caribbean beats and spending time here with friends is hard to beat.

Colada Shop DC, 1405 T St. NW, Washington, DC
Colada Shop VA, 21430 Epicerie Plaza, Sterling, VA

Little Havana beckons diners in with colorful murals.

Little Havana beckons diners in with colorful murals.

Little Havana

When Alfredo Solis and Joseph Osario teamed up to open Little Havana, a colorful Cuban eatery in Columbia Heights, their mission was to bring Cubano food to the district.

The space is a multichromatic celebration of Latin American culture. The walls are adorned with murals by artist Ernesto Zelaya, who painted portraits of Cuban icons including revolutionary leader Che Guevara, Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez and “Queen of Salsa” Celia Cruz.

But the food here is the main attraction. Hearty dishes like braised oxtail, Cuban chicken stew, jerk salmon and guava barbecued ribs showcase Cuban home cooking and the lineup of sandwiches includes the iconic Cubano as well other versions brimming with slow-roasted shredded pork, grilled chicken or chorizo. Shaking your cocktails is Copycat Co. veteran Heriberto Casasanero, who’s taking tiki seriously, serving up rum-focused drinks in frozen pineapples and coconuts.

Little Havana, 3704 14th St. NW |

El Sapo Cuban Social Club

In Cuba, when people play the lottery or make bets they place their fate in la charada china, a mystical guide of numbers and pictures deeply rooted in Cuban superstition.

When Havana-born chef Raynold Mendizábal opened El Sapo in Silver Spring last year, he bet on the number 22. Mendizábal, who’s also the chef at the nearby Urban Butcher, opened El Sapo exactly 22 years after fleeing Cuba and stepping onto American soil. According to la charada china, the number 22 corresponds to el sapo: the toad.

Mendizábal has said that he wants his guests to entrar bailando, or “come in dancing.” And even for those of us with two left feet, it’s hard to resist the rhythm here. As you enter, Latin music and mojitos fill every corner. Mendizábal’s meat-heavy menu highlights both the foods of his childhood and the foods that defined his culinary journey from Cuba to the United States. You will find the Cuban national dish, puerco asado (roasted pork) as well as Mendizábal’s favorite childhood dish rabo encendio (fiery oxtails). Drinks flow freely from the rum cart, and the chef makes sure meals wrap up with their famous cortaditos or Cuban coffee, ensuring you leave the same way you entered: dancing to the music.

El Sapo Social Club, 8455 Fenton St., Suite #1, Silver Spring, MD |

How to Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Season in DC

“Hanami” like a pro: Our tips, an event round-up & a cheery cherry Cosmo recipe!

By Thomas Martin, Edible DC Contributor

The Tidal Basin full bloom. Photo by Hannah Hudson.

The Tidal Basin full bloom. Photo by Hannah Hudson.

The annual National Cherry Blossom Festival is peak outdoor time, with stunning rosy vistas of trees are transformed into clouds. And DC doesn’t disappoint locals and tourists with ample opportunities for hanami, the Japanese word for cherry blossom viewing. Although the stars of the celebration are the flowering trees, this annual festival encourages us to welcome spring with arms wide open and remember the international spirit of goodwill that spurred Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo to give 3,000 cherry blossom trees to the United States in 1912.

The Tidal Basin is a classic destination—though to beat the crowds, you might want to come very early in the morning or late in the evening. You could even arrange a yozakura, or a nighttime hanami celebration, with your friends.

So, how to enjoy? We’ve got ideas.

Build an all local picnic basket and think pink!

Here are some food and drink items we love that you might incorporate into your hanami picnic basket: 

Astro Doughnuts
This beloved spot for fried chicken doughnut sandwiches is bringing back their iconic cherry blossom doughnut on March 18, featuring a cream cheese glaze and a decadent filling of cherry jam. (Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, 1308 G St NW)

Courtesy of Scott Suchman

Courtesy of Scott Suchman

Bullfrog Bagels
Maintaining three locations around the District, Bullfrog Bagels offers a variety of bagels that are hand-rolled, boiled, and baked on the premises. (Bullfrog Bagels, 317 7th St SE, 1341 H St NE, 2800 10th St NE)

Capital Kombucha
Capital Kombucha’s special-edition cherry blossom kombucha is made with cherry purée, rose water, and honey, and makes for a satisfyingly cool beverage to finish off a picnic on a warm spring day. (Capital Kombucha drinks can be found in Trader Joe’s, Yes! Organic Market, Sweetgreen, and elsewhere.)

Photo by Hannah Hudson

Photo by Hannah Hudson

Always dedicated to promoting seasonal flavors, JRINK will release “Spring Me Up”, a hibiscus almond milk, this spring to help you celebrate hanami with a chic-looking beverage. (Locations in Foggy Bottom, Adams Morgan, Union Market, and more. See all locations here.)

The Capital Candy Jar
This local confectionery is releasing several cherry blossom-themed treats, such as chocolate-covered oreos, pretzel rods, chocolate bark, and popcorn. (The Capital Candy Jar, 201 15th St NE)

Ivy City Smokehouse
Ivy City Smokehouse’s smoked salmon would be a perfect accompaniment for a Bullfrog Bagel. Their smoked white fish salad would also make for a great bagel spread. (Ivy City Smokehouse, 1356 Okie St NE)

15513694054250989 (9).jpeg

Local Rosés
Some of Edible DC’s favorite local rosés would be great additions to your hanami picnic basket: check out rosés from Early Mountain Vineyards, Walsh Family Wine, and others here.

Seylou Bakery & Mill
This local bakery offers a wide range of baked good made with whole grain and organic flours. (Their flours are even milled in-house!) Vegan and wheat-free treats are also available. (Seylou Bakery & Mill, 926 N St NW Suite A)

Last but not least…check out the delicate spring produce from your local farmers markets!
With the tender season comes a wealth of new offerings at the DMV’s many local farmers markets. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

Or...go out and try the seasonal specials, events and classes at local restaurants!

Reknowned Chef Daniel Boulud and Executive Chef Nicholas Tang are hosting a special dinner on April 5 at DBGB in CityCenter DC.

Reknowned Chef Daniel Boulud and Executive Chef Nicholas Tang are hosting a special dinner on April 5 at DBGB in CityCenter DC.

Ticket me this: On Friday, April 5th chef and restaurateur, Daniel Boulud, alongside Executive Chef Nicholas Tang, will host a ticketed spring feast dinner at DBGB, in celebration of Washington, D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Festival. Chefs Daniel and Nicholas will prepare a four-course prix-fixe menu with paired wines, in DBGB’s main dining room, located in CityCenterDC. Guests can purchase tickets for $148 per person (excluding tax and gratuity) by visiting the website, and reservations are available any time between 5 p.m. – 10p.m. Chef Daniel will be present throughout the night to chat with guests and introduce each course.

A truffle making class at the Willard InterContinental on April 6 will feature a top chocolate maker, SPAGnVola.

A truffle making class at the Willard InterContinental on April 6 will feature a top chocolate maker, SPAGnVola.

On April 6, the Willard InterContinental and SPAGnVola, recognized by National Geographic as one of the world’s best chocolate shops, will host a two-hour hands-on chocolate truffle making class. Guided by Head Chocolatier Crisoire Reid from SPAGnVOLA, participants will learn the artisan technique of tempering chocolate, the process of making chocolate ganache, and the steps to using ganache to handcraft your own delicious truffles to take home. Attendees will also have the opportunity to taste a variety of SPAGnVOLA’s signature bon-bon’s and truffles all while hearing from Eric Reid co-owner of SPAGnVOLA, on his experience as a cacao grower, and chocolate maker. Time: 3-5 p.m. Price: $65 per person or $100 per couple.

At Buttercream Bakeshop, cake designers and dessert superstars, Tiffany MacIsaac and Alex Mudry-Till are doing a twist on a childhood favorite, the Hoho just for Cherry Blossom season. The snack cakes are rolled up and filled with a Cherry Buttercream Icing inside. Available as a special for $4.50 each.

BOURBON STEAK at Four Seasons is gives a nod to Japan and its gift of our beloved cherry trees, as executive chef Drew Adams presents his version of a Katsu Sando: richly marbled cuts of A5 New York Strip Steak, accompanied by aromatic Shiso, Pickled Turnip, and rich Rutabaga Sauce, built on a sandwich on an authentic Japanese Milk Bread Parker House Roll. The savory combination is artfully served in a Bento Box – crafted from the Sakura wood of cherry blossom trees, and is available for $100. The restaurant will also be debuting a Sakura Spritz cocktail for $18, made with Raw Honey Syrup, Lindera Farm's Cherry Blossom Vinegar, Yuzu, Roku Gin, topped with soda.

Sour Cherry-Yuzu Gyoza at The Occidental Grill & Seafood

Sour Cherry-Yuzu Gyoza at The Occidental Grill & Seafood

Occidental Grill & Seafood is celebrating with an effluvious Sour Cherry-Yuzu Gyoza for $10. The fried "dumpling" dessert has a Sour Cherry-Yuzu Filling, a blend of cherry jam and yuzu syrup. Served alongside of a scoop of fragrant, Cherry Blossom Gelato. Yum!

At the Watergate! Cherries Jubilee.

At the Watergate! Cherries Jubilee.

At the Watergate Hotel's The Next Whisky Bar, a delicious special for the season is the Cherries Jubilee to share for $19, presented with Macaron Cherry Blossom Cremeux and Nougatine.

The Cherry Blossom Cosmo at Oceanaire.

The Cherry Blossom Cosmo at Oceanaire.

Oceanaire is featuring cherry-themed cocktails in honor of the season. Cocktails are priced at $14 each and will be available through the month of April, the In Bloom and the Cherry Blossom Cosmo. They were kind enough to share the recipe!

The Cherry Blossom Cosmo

1.5 ounces of Grey Goose Cherry Noir

1 ounce of lemon juice

1 ounce of cranberry juice

1/2 ounce of Aperol

1/2 ounce of simple syrup

Luxardo cherries

Shake all the ingredients with ice, strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a luxardo cherry.


Thomas Martin is a junior at Yale University working toward his bachelor’s in English. A native of La Plata, MD, Thomas has worked as an intern, writer and social media specialist at Edible DC for a year.


Your Perfect Day for a Margarita is Today

Friday, Feb. 22 is National Margarita Day, we’re here for you with some great options

Thyme margaritas @AcreBaja in San Jose del Cabo.

Thyme margaritas @AcreBaja in San Jose del Cabo.

By Susan Able, Edible DC

I have literally just stumbled off a red-eye from Cabo and I can safely tell you this, there is many a margarita to be had in Baja, California and that is a very, very good thing.

But now that I’m back and for those of you who love a good margarita as much as I do, what absolute genius gave the drink its own whole day? Friday, February 22 is National Margarita Day. Woohoo and good thinking on the part of tequila importers everywhere.

Where to start?

Why not at one of the most solid contenders around? The Oyamel Salt-Air Margarita. After a poll from Team Edible DC, we think the unique crustless airy salt foam rim on a classic margarita is one of our favs. Plus, is there a better place to get fresh chips and guac? They are soon kicking off their Tequila Mezcal Festival, so there will be much happening at the Oyamel bar well past Margarita Day.

The Cilantro Margarita at La Puerta Verde.  AJ Dronkers.

The Cilantro Margarita at La Puerta Verde. AJ Dronkers.

AJ is crazy about La Puerta Verde’s Cilantro Margarita which he swears is the bomb. In Ivy City, open at 5:00 p.m., with Happy Hour until 6:30 p.m. featuring $8 margaritas and $3 tacos.

One of our happy places is Espita Mezcaleria in Shaw. Beverage Director Megan Barnes is a top DC mixologist, and paired with their authentic tortillas and Oaxacan snacks, you can’t go wrong here. One of our absolute fav margaritas is their Mayahuel, a classic mezcal margarita with house espadín, real triple sec, fresh lime, ‘nogave’ and served up with a sal de gusano rim. Get in there from 4-6 p.m., the Mayahuel is half price and tacos are $3.

“The Swirl” at El Rey in frozen form. You can get them frozen or on the rocks, and by the glass—or a pitcher.  AJ Dronkers.

“The Swirl” at El Rey in frozen form. You can get them frozen or on the rocks, and by the glass—or a pitcher. AJ Dronkers.

If you are feeling fancy free, get your gang to meet you Friday at El Rey in Shaw for their swirled frozen margarita and a big plate of nachos. Oh yes! What a great way to celebrate this national holiday. El Rey serves up tacos & tequila in a space fashioned out of shipping containers.

Other ideas you say? We also love grabbing a margarita at El Centro DF on 14th NW, Haydee’s or Don Juan in Mt. Pleasant, Capitol Hill haunts like La Lomita Dos and Las Placitas. El Techo may be fast casual-ish, but the drinks are very good.

Another great idea? Leave work early and hit Mi Vida at the Wharf. Their Happy Hour starts at 3 p.m. and margaritas are $6.

12 Great CSAs in the DC Area

Get on board with fresh produce delivery, here’s how to join

By Jessica Wolfrom, Edible DC Contributor

It’s never been easier to live in a city and eat like a farmer. 

In the District, we are spoiled year round by the many farmers markets and restaurants that celebrate the bounty of regional cuisine.  

But if the winter chill has kept you away from the markets (and it shouldn’t—there is still wonderful winter produce and farmers to support), there’s another way to connect with farmers from the comfort of your home — let them bring the farm to you. 

February 22nd is CSA Day, a celebration of our local foodsheds and a call to action to support the farmers who make our seasonal and regional food possible.

CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, is a system that connects the farmer with the consumer more directly by circumventing the grocery store. It’s essentially a subscription service for produce, meats, and dairy, delivered straight from the farm to your door. 

The money you pay up front supports the harvest of that farm for the entire year. Think of it like a down payment on your health; invest in your farmer, and eat healthier all year. (Not to mention eating local reduces your carbon footprint.)

[And in more happy CSA news—we’ve learned that Imperfect Produce, a company founded to help combat food waste by taking fresh, delicious produce that normally wouldn’t sell because it might be misshapen or have a harmless bump and saving it from landfill. Founded University of Maryland grad Ben Simon, Imperfect Produce has now grown nationally and is now delivering to the MD/DC area. Check their website to see if they are delivering to your neighborhood.]

Here are twelve local food delivery and CSA’s we love, and news on another new CSA. And you will too. Take it from us, nothing makes you happier than coming home to a box of fresh produce. The the names of the CSAs are linked to their websites for for information on how to join and additional details.

This month, do good for your body and your community by registering for a CSA. 

Windy Hill Farm CSA (Single farm CSA)

Offers CSA pick-up in Chevy Chase, DC as well as limited local delivery. Windy Hill Farm also offers reduced cost CSA shares to low-income community members. More details on how the CSA works here.

Second Spring Farm CSA (Single Farm CSA)

Operates May - November and offers a plethora of pick up locations including Leesburg, Reston/Herndon, Oakton, Vienna, Ashburn, Arlington, Springfield, Glen Echo, Takoma Park, Bethesda, Columbia Heights, and at the farm in Purcellville. You have the option for a small or large size box that includes plenty of recipes.

Owl’s Nest Farm CSA (Single Farm CSA)

Offers organic produce from their farm in Upper Marlboro, MD. Pickup locations are offered in Bloomingdale, Brookland, Columbia Heights, and Petworth, DC, and on the farm in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Even’ Star Organic Farm (Single Farm CSA)

Certified organic vegetables, fruits and herbs offered Bethesda, Alexandria, South Arlington, North Arlington, Takoma Park, University Park, Chevy Chase, Rockville, Lexington Park, Leondardtown, and Waldorf.

Clagett Farm (Single Farm CSA)

Operates May - November pick up offered in Dupont Circle for $700 and helps support their ability to donate 40-50% of their produce to area soup kitchens.

4P Foods (Network of Farmers)

Example 4p Foods spring box! (Photo credit Abbey Gleason)

Example 4p Foods spring box! (Photo credit Abbey Gleason)

4P isn’t just one farmer, it’s a network of farmers. The 4P team delivers produce, meat, and dairy from environmentally responsible family farmers in the DMV foodshed. Not only will you receive food from a variety of farmers, your subscription will feed others — for every 10 bags it delivers, it will give one to local food banks including Fauquier Food Bank, Local Food Bank Partners and YMCA Capital View.

Cultivate the City (Single Farm CSA)

CultiavteCSA SEP 19.jpg

Cultivate the City is part urban farm, part education program, part garden center. Its CSA program sources food from both its H Street Farm and school gardens like Miner Elementary, Gallaudet University and IDEA Public Charter School. Your subscription will support farm programming and garden activities for youth in schools around the District.

In addition, any extra produce that isn’t picked up is donated to local food pantries, reducing food waste and providing for community members who otherwise may not have access to healthy foods.

Little Farm Stand (Network of Farmers)

Little Farm Stand proudly claims to be the “most flexible CSA in Washington D.C.,” allowing its members to choose up to 90% of their weekly shares. With a focus on local, organic produce and Virginia raised grass-fed beef, this CSA is perfect for picky eaters and locavores alike. 

Lancaster Farms Co-Op (Co-Op)

Lancaster Farms is a co-op of multi-generational families bringing Certified Organic, chemical-free produce and humanely raised meat to the DMV from their headquarters in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Its motto is “locally rooted, sustainably minded” and this ethos penetrates every part of their business. Choose the size of your weekly share, and find a pick-up location that works best for you. This model encourages new communities to take root around its food, and your subscription helps continue Lancaster’s farming traditions for generations to come.

From the Farmer (Network of Farmers)

From the Farmer was started in 2010 by two friends-turned business partners who met at the University of Denver. From the Farmer delivers fresh farm boxes to the Washington D.C. area with an emphasis on local, organic and seasonal produce, meats, seafood and other artisanal treats. 

You can customize your farm box based on your gastronomic allegiances — electing for example, an all veggie box or an all fruit box — and you can eat happy knowing that 50% of every dollar goes directly back to the farmer or maker. 

Washington’s Green Grocer (Network of Farmers)

Photo courtesy Washington’s Green Grocer

Photo courtesy Washington’s Green Grocer

If you are iffy about commitment and overwhelmed by what to do with kohlrabi, then this is the perfect CSA for you. Not only does Washington’s Green Grocer allow you to customize your box up to 9 PM the night before delivery, it doesn’t require a weekly commitment. To help the less adventurous home chefs explore the bounty of our regional foods, its website doubles as a repository of recipes for its seasonal produce. It also offers free delivery to Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and D.C. on all farm boxes over $40. 

FRESHFARM Farm Share (Network of Farmers)


While not a traditional CSA, FRESHFARM is re-thinking the food supply model by offering a farm share program that supports local farmers and food artisans in the mid-Atlantic region. It doesn’t deliver to your doorstep, but if you are the type who frequents farmers markets around the district, this is the share for you. It’s all the fun of the farmers market without the stress of fighting over those last-of-the-season strawberries. Its share season runs from mid-May through the end of October and you can choose to subscribe to a half season (12 weeks) or a full season (24 weeks). 


Jessica @jessicawolfrom is a freelance writer covering food, wine, farming and the environment in and around Washington D.C. She's also a graduate student at Georgetown University, getting her masters in journalism. When she's not in school, you can likely find her sipping on something sparkling somewhere in the District.

*EVENT POSTPONED* Wildwood Festival Brings Maple Syrup Making Traditions To D.C.

[ We regret to announce that Wildwood has been cancelled for this year. The organizers were unable to obtain the requisite open fire permit which would be necessary for our maple syrup demonstration. Absent that integral component, we made the difficult decision to try again at a later date and likely a different venue so that Wildwood can be everything that we want it to be. Thanks to those who expressed interest and, and stay tuned! ]

Vermont hogs all the credit for being America’s maple mecca, but there’s plenty of top grade syrup being produced just outside D.C. in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Wildwood, the first-of-its-kind urban maple syrup festival, highlights the region’s rich ties to time-honored sugaring traditions.

Taking place at Mess Hall on Sunday, March 10, in collaboration with media partners Edible DC, the event will showcase fourth generation syrup makers Laurel Fork Sapsuckers from Hightown, Virginia. The Jarrells family will handcraft maple syrup over a wood fire, while teaching people about the process and the culture surrounding sugaring. Guests will have a chance to savor maple syrup in myriad ways: drizzled on boozy snow cones, in maple glazed brisket tacos and plantains drizzled with maple crema from Mess Hall’s Qui Qui Catering, and sweetening hand-spun organic cotton candy from Fluffness. In addition, D.C.’s own Langon Wood: Barrel Aged Maple Syrup will be on hand to sample and sell their unique products.

Guests will have the option to enjoy a variety of other choice bites and beverages, including a poutine station, Federalist Pig’s signature smoky pulled pork sliders, cocktails featuring Harleston Green Scotch Whisky, as well as limitless Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In keeping with backcountry traditions, wood chips will fly as acclaimed chainsaw artist Jason Stoner of Chain Effect carves wood sculptures. Plus, a woodsy marketplace will feature local vendors, including District Cutlery, Southeastern Roastery, Pratt Standard, Sloppy Mama’s, Laurel Fork Sapsuckers, and Chain Effect’s carvings

Photo courtesy Laural Fork Sapsuckers

Photo courtesy Laural Fork Sapsuckers

Wildwood takes place at Mess Hall (703 Edgewood St NE, Washington, DC 20017) on Sunday, March 10 for two separate two-hour sessions; 12-2 p.m. and 3-5 p.m. Tickets are available now on Eventbrite for $75 each, which includes all food and beverages. Guests must be 21+ years old.

Photo courtesy Mess Hall

Photo courtesy Mess Hall

Guests are encouraged to come dressed as lumberjacks or lumberjanes, but axes must be left at home.

Presidents Brunch and Lunch Specials in DC

Edible DC’s roundup of where to dine

Dirty Habit is offering everlasting mimosas or brunch punch for $18. Next up choose from their globally inspired brunch menu.

Dirty Habit brunch (Photo by Raquel Sharma)

Dirty Habit brunch (Photo by Raquel Sharma)

Brookland’s Finest menu will feature blueberry ricotta waffles with bourbon maple syrup, lemon zest and fresh fruit as well as a fried green tomato Benedict with pecorino roman cheese, hollandaise, on English muffin and mixed green salad.

Fried green tomato Benedict at Brooklands Finest (Photo by Scott Suchman)

Fried green tomato Benedict at Brooklands Finest (Photo by Scott Suchman)

Franklin Hall will open at noon on Monday, 2/18 and feature Flying Dog Blood Line on special all day $5 pints and $12 liters.

The Delegate is offering a buy one adult brunch get one free the entire month of February! They will be offering their Chef’s Table Brunch Buffet on Presidents Day 9 am - 3 pm.

Brunch at the Delegate (Photo courtesy The Delegate)

Brunch at the Delegate (Photo courtesy The Delegate)

Le Diplomate will be extending brunch into Monday with stacks of buttermilk pancakes and duck sarladaise with confit, egg sunny side up and roasted potatoes.

Duck sarladaise (Photo courtesy Le Diplomate)

Duck sarladaise (Photo courtesy Le Diplomate)

Rustico Ballston & Alexandria will serve brunch 11:30 am - 3 pm with $5 bloody marys and $0.25 refills on mimosas $15 all day!

Frirefly in Dupont will serve brunch from 9 am - 2:30 pm including avocado tartine with labneh, avocado, grapefruit, watercress and sumac or enjoy the pot roast with red flannel hash and home fries. Firefly offers $3 mimosas, $4 bloody marys, and $15 mimosa carafes.

Restaurants extending their normal brunch menu to Monday

St. Anselm brunch, one of our favorites, will also extend into Monday. An extra chance to grab those buttermilk biscuits and the fried chicken sandwich only on their brunch menu.

Brunch at St. Anselm (Photo by AJ Dronkers)

Brunch at St. Anselm (Photo by AJ Dronkers)

Agua 301 will feature bottomless margaritas, mimosas, sangria and bloody marys. Choose from chilaquiles, the Mexican omelet and other Mexican inspired dishes.

Hazel will open for all day brunch from 11 am to 4 pm - check out the menu here.

Dyllan’s Raw Bar & Grill located in Georgetown will serve their a la carte brunch menu from 11 am to 4 pm.

Dyllan’s Burger (Photo by Timothy M. Yantz)

Dyllan’s Burger (Photo by Timothy M. Yantz)

Ambar’s Capitol Hill & Clarendon locations will both offer their fixed price brunch of unlimited small plates and free-flowing cocktails from until 3:30 pm. Think all you can eat mezze, soups, salads, sandwiches, egg dishes, crepes and brunch cocktails.

Churchkey opens at noon and serve normal lunch menu.

Supra, The Greenhouse at the Jefferson, and DBGB will all be running brunch on Monday as well.