EdibleDC Magazine 2017 Wine Guide

As the wine industry has continued to mature in Virginia and Maryland, public interest in exploring local vineyards has grown too. When the local wine industry was in its beginning phases, many pioneers were happy to see locals show interest in what they were doing. That’s changed, and vinery visitation has now become an industry in itself.

Many wineries have limitations on group size, turn away bus tours and maintain visit by appointment only to manage the demand. Others have designed their properties to speak to specific interests of the owners or to the market they hope to create, whether it be weddings, wellness or wine clubs. Most local wineries make the bulk of their revenue by selling product on premise, so they market their properties to build the right numbers of visitors and curate the crowd that will appreciate their product.
October is the perfect time for wine lovers to plan a daytrip to explore new vineyards and local wines. October is also Virginia Wine Month, and VA wineries will be wrapping up harvest. Not only can you see grapes being picked, pressed, and prepped, there will also be special tastings, winemaker dinners and all sorts of celebratory events.

This guide was created with the intention of helping you navigate the 350+ amazing wineries across Virginia and Maryland. Whether you are looking for a one day excursion or a weekend extended getaway, we’ve got you covered.