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Edible DC is a local, independently owned publication dedicated to covering the unique culinary culture of the DC and the Capitol region in Maryland and Virginia. We strive to connect consumers with local growers, retailers, chefs and food artisans.  Readers are encouraged to explore the food community and surrounding landscape, discover seasonal events and indulge in the diverse offerings of our abundant foodshed.

We are currently working on our first issue, scheduled to go to press in mid-June 2014!  Stay up-to-date with our publication and distribution by liking us on Facebook.

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Join the nation’s food movers and shakers at a 2-day celebration and discussion of where the local food movement is, and where it’s going. Edible Institute will feature talks and panels by farmers, chefs, drink makers, journalists and food and drink enthusiasts (like you). There will be breaks for networking and an assortment of refreshments, curated local lunch options and end-of-day food and drink tastings for attendees.


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Edible Institute 2014


Edible Feast celebrates local food culture. We focus on artisans who live and work the land. We give voice to local food inspirations, all the while creating an authentic, vivid, enticing culinary experience for local food enthusiasts around the world.

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Interested in spring recipes using asparagus, chives, radish, capers and rhubarb? Read that and more in the latest Edible Communities newsletter. http://www.ediblecommunities.com/newsletters/eciNews15apr14.htm



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Popped in to J.J. Basil and Chris Wolff's Zero Degrees Zero Minutes pop-up dinner series last night--guests were treated to several amazing small courses. Our chefs sourced spring vegetables and other products at Sycamore Spring Farm in Frederick. Shout out to Chris' sour dough bread and homemade cultured butter.

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