Where To Eat and Drink Inauguration Weekend

by AJ Dronkers

The EdibleDC team contemplated what to do this Inauguration weekend -- do we stay and brave the crowds or travel someplace warmer? Instead of dreading the event and admittedly a new President whose platform and policies we don't agree with, ultimately we came to realize how lucky we are to be at the center of the movement. We are supporting the Women's March on Washington and are happy to stand with those who are championing human and civil rights and forward-thinking policy on food, agriculture, labor and beyond.

DC is our home and in the three years since we launched EdibleDC, we've been immersed in the creative talent and makers of stripes that make our community special. This week a CreativeDC launched their campaign called "PEOPLE LIVE HERE. DC IS REAL." to combat negative energy around DC by encouraging people to share what they love about our home. 

Similarly, a group of hospitality workers, community members, and restauranteurs banded together to create the "All in Service": campaign-- which provides a list of local places to eat, drink, and explore that will donate back to local charities all Inauguration weekend. Instead of creating our own list we wanted to support this effort and call out some places that are donating to amazing local food access charities: 

Commissary in Logan Circle will be supporting Martha's Table.

Kingfisher is supporting Miriam's Kitchen.

Bourbon is supporting Martha's Table.

Pleasant Pops will be supporting FRESHFARM Markets.

Lincoln is supporting Martha's Table.

Penn Social is supporting Martha's Table.

Room 11 is supporting Martha's Table.

Teddy and the Bully Bar is supporting Martha's Table.

Baklava Couture is supporting FRESHFARM markets.

Declaration supports Martha's Table.

MOMOFUKU CCDC will support SOME.

Fig and Olive is supporting Martha's Table.

Boqueria is supporting DC Central Kitchen.