You Won't Stop Gobble Gobbling These DC Thanksgiving Sandwiches

by AJ Dronkers, Associate Publisher & Digital Editor EdibleDC Thanksgiving is the foodie dream holiday. It's all about the food and the gathering; decorations are minimal, we can spill outside for cocktails or a between-course walk since our weather is still grand and best of all, there is no stress with auxiliary traditions like exchanging gifts. The only focus is putting together an amazing spread of old family recipes and sprinkling in a few new ones.

To get geared up for game day, I take advantage of any opportunity to sink my teeth into flavors that feed my Thanksgiving obsession. Here is a round up of some of the best local Thanksgiving "sandwiches," we use this term loosely.


Off the beaten path, but with a passionate and devoted following, MGM Roast Beef offers exquisite slow roasted juicy carved meats. We swung by on a busy day running errands and tried the delicious Thanksgiving Dinner - turkey topped with brown gravy, stuffing, and cranberry chutney served open face on a fresh roll. (Location: 1905 Brentwood Rd NE DC)


Everyone is a buzz about the opening of Milk Bar DC and the crazy lines seem to be getting shorter. We dropped by on weekday evening and picked up the Thanksgiving Croissant, a “stuffing” flavored bread filled with house roasted, shredded turkey, homemade gravy & cranberry sauce. (Location: 1090 I St NW DC)

Thanksgiving in Paris

Earl's "Thanksgiving in Paris" has roasted white turkey with cranberry relish and kicks it up a notch with warm brie on multi-grain. (Locations: 4215 N. Fairfax Drive Arlington VA, 2605 Wilson Boulevard Arlington VA)

Gobbler Pearl

Okay this isn't a sandwich but when you run out of bread this is essentially how we eat our Thanksgiving leftovers. Rocklands BBQ Gobbler Pearl starts with mashed potatoes, topped with stuffing, gravy, then smoked turkey and their special cranberry sauce. (Locations: 2418 Wisconsin Ave NW DC, 891A Rockville Pike Rockville MD, 25 S. Quaker Lane Alexandria VA, 3471 Washington Blvd. Arlington VA)

Bobbie high res

Year round favorite Capriotti Sandwich Shop offers The Bobbie with homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo. (Locations: 1800 M St NW DC, 3347 M St NW DC, and 1500 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA)

Do you have a local favorite we missed? Add your comments below to share with other readers.

Five Pick-Your-Own Apple Farms Not to Miss in the DMV

By Raisa Aziz, special to Edible DC AppleHand

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The air is crisp, the leaves are turning color and we get to be cosy without the actual cold. What better way to kick off the season than with Fall’s most perfect, edible love child.

Apple varieties will soon take over your local farmers market but you can easily pick your own apples for a sweet farm-to-table (or belly!) experience. Meander through the orchards and fill up your bushel to take home for pies, jellies and snacking later on. Here are our top picks for the season. Be sure to always call the farm ahead of time and bring your own containers.


Milburn Orchards

Milburn Orchards is located in Elkton, Maryland and has been family run since 1902. They offer a pick-your-own adventure every weekend throughout the harvest season. Royal Gala, Honeycrisp and Orange Honey varietals are already available with more to come as the season picks up. Milburn Orchards also has delicious light lunch and sweet treat options (did someone say homemade ice cream sandwiches?) on the Orchard View Deck to refuel after apple picking. Pro tip: Get a freshly-baked pie from the market to take home after apple picking.

Hollin Farms

About an hour from DC, Hollin Farms is located in Delaplane, Virginia, and specializes in grass-fed Angus beef alongside the pick-your-own fruits and vegetables. Apples and pumpkins are available for picking with Fuji, Empire and Golden Delicious apples already in full swing. Pro tip: bring cash on the weekends to avoid the credit card line.


Larriland Farm 

Larriland Farm is a family owned and operated farm in Western Howard County, Maryland. Always the crowd pleaser, Larriland Farm has hayrides and a straw maze to get lost in once you’re done picking apples. Next to ripen are the Empire apples and there are 14 more varieties to follow after that. Pro tip: best to go in October when other Fall favorites (pumpkins and squash) will be ripe and ready too.

Butler’s Orchard 

Pick-your-own apple season has kicked off at Butler’s Orchard. Located in Germantown, Maryland, Butler’s Orchard is perfect for a family adventure. Their famous Pumpkin Festival means pumpkin picking, hayrides, jumps in the hayloft and the Pumpkinland exhibition (a display of fairytale characters built from pumpkins) along with your pick-you-own experience. The bakery also has fresh bread, baked goods and jams and jellies available. Pro tip: Butler’s Orchard will be closed September 21-25 to prep for the Pumpkin Festival, which begins September 26-27 and continues through weekends in October.

Homestead Farm 

An easy 45 minute drive from DC, Homestead Farm is located in Poolesville, Maryland, and is run by the Allnut family who have  been farming in the area since 1763! They offer pick-your-own fruits and veggies throughout harvest season. Fuji, Crimson Crisp and Jonagold apples are already ripe for picking. Their pumpkin patch (and pumpkin picking) is open from late September on. Homestead’s market offers a ton of fruits and veggies alongside delicious jams, hot sauces and honey. Pro tip: bring your camera - between the pumpkins and the tiny children playing amongst the pumpkins, it’s an overload of insta-worthy moments.

Apple, Cheddar & Rosemary Galette Recipe Here

RaisaRaisa Aziz (@raisaaziz) is a food stylist, photographer and writer in the DC Area. When not cooking, baking or eating, you can find her bopping about town in search of local adventures.

Women Chefs: Artists in the Kitchen at the Strathmore

By Andrew Marder, special to Edible DC Strathmore

The Mansion at Strathmore is heaving with artists and chefs. The backdoors have been opened to an unusually cool night to ease the strain on the house's aging infrastructure.

I have, embarrassingly, chugged a glass of white in front of an event volunteer and promptly placed the glass back down on the table for a second go. It's cold and wonderful, and there are a million people here and it is warmer than I'm comfortable with. If I have to die, crushed to death in a turn-of-the-century mansion, at least I'll have downed two glasses of white wine.




Women Chefs: Artists in the Kitchen is a celebration of local women as represented by local artists. Paintings, mixed media collages, and sculptures are scattered throughout the mansion, standing starkly against the pale walls and bringing a sharp modern sensibility to this hundred-and-sixteen-year-old house.


Chef Aulie Bunyarataphan -- of THAI, Tom Yum District, and Mama Rouge -- stands by a painting of herself. Artist Eleanor Wang stands by her, a pale gold sheen cast over both of them from the light reflecting off the brightly colored painting.


"I love it," Chef Bunyarataphan said. “I like to give people food, and it shows that. The colors also look like a Thai temple.”

And they do. The feeling of a Thai temple is reflected in this tall, thin painting, slammed lovingly onto the canvas by an artist who, if I had to guess, has never been in a Thai temple.

The Strathmore exhibit is full of these sorts of connections. Deeply personal notes from lives unknown to the artists but for a sitting here and a phone call there.

Artist Dawn Whitmore with Chef Daniela Hurtado-Castro

Chef Daniela Hurtado-Castro was captured by artist Dawn Whitmore. In the image, Chef Hurtado-Castro stands in a kitchen, looking out at the viewer from over a pile of ingredients resting on a green-blue tablecloth.

“I was excited about how well she understood my passion,” Chef said. “It’s the same with the art she does – we’re both passionate about what we do. I also love that she captured my Peruvian heritage so well.”


After one more lap and one final chunk of cheese, I squeezed out of the Mansion with the party ringing behind me. I hadn’t died, and I have plenty of time to go back and see the show on my own time. The energy of the atmosphere will be lessened, for sure, but the vitality in the art will remain.

Women Chefs runs through November 8th, with special events, demonstrations, and discussions scattered throughout the calendar. On September 20, there will be a panel discussion on the importance and growth of women in the food industry, and the process of creating visual interpretations of a conversation between artists and chefs. Panel members include Chef Bonnie Benwick, Deputy Food Editor, The Washington Post; Chef Ruth Gresser, President, Women Chefs and Restaurateurs; Joyce Zipperer, Artist; and Chef Nora Pouillon, Owner, Restaurant Nora. Moderated by Harriet Lesser, Curator. Free; but registration required, go here to sign up.

Check out or follow Edible on Twitter @EdibleDC to keep on top of other food-focused events throughout the DC area.


Andrew Marder is a writer living in Hyattsville, MD. He enjoys playing with his son, having dinner with his wife, and sitting quietly with good friends. When he's not awake, he's asleep.


Savvy Shoppers Support National Farmers Market Week in the DC Region!

by AJ Dronkers, EdibleDC Associate Publisher & Digital Editor MAIN

Did you know that August 2-8 is National Farmers Market Week? We are half way through it and in case you haven't visited one yet, we wanted to give you some quick tips to support your local farmers market!


There are over 200+ farmers markets across our region. Find one near you easily with this handy tool from The Washington Post. Just enter your preferred day and region and the they will quickly filter the results. I entered Wednesday & DC and the map displayed the below graphic and list:

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 10.31.07 AM

Okay, great now I know where my closest farmer market is but aren't they more expensive? First, if you haven't been in a while you should check out the prices - they are probably better than you expect. Second, you are paying for quality, freshness and hand grown food--not industrial farmed stuff--doesn't your body and taste buds deserve the best, most fresh seasonal produce? Of course!


Also, fresh food lasts longer - ever buy something at the grocery store and the next day it goes bad? Don't be afraid to ask your farmer the best way to store their food to get maximum shelf-life.


Discover exciting new vegetables and fruit varieties that will inspire your home cooking and entice your kids.


Did you know Chipotle Mexican Grill and ShopHouse are sponsoring a bunch of FreshFarm Markets across our region? They are giving out $5 currency tokens redeemable at any of the stands (read: FREE MONEY).

  • Wednesday, 8/5 3-7 PM @FreshFarm Foggy Bottom (Chipotle)
  • Thursday, 8/6 3-7 PM @FreshFarm Penn Quarter (ShopHouse)
  • Saturday, 8/8 9 AM - 1 PM @FreshFarm Silver Spring (Chipotle)


Some area farm markets such as FreshFarm and Arcadia Mobile Market also accept nutrition assistance programs such as SNAP (EBT/Food Stamps) better yet they even offer matching dollars program. If you take your SNAP EBT card and ask for $15 dollars in credits, they will give you an additional $15 dollars through their program for a total of $30 of farm fresh produce.


Some of our favorite area farmers markets:

A Night at Silver Spring's Sligo Cafe

by Rachael Bender, special to EdibleDC sligoart

When you don’t like your lunch options, what do you do? Open a restaurant, of course. “We’re a neighborhood business,” said owner and former music exec David Galinsky, who discussed how he built out the space for the recently opened Sligo Cafe in Silver Spring. While not in the most picturesque part of town, the eatery is walking distance from metro and the interior design makes you forget about what’s going on across the street. The industrial office space is transformed with purple and silver decor and rotating artwork from Margery Goldberg’s Zenith Gallery. And the big windows open up to the sidewalk patio so everyone can enjoy the weekly live music featuring local artists.

But patrons really come for the food from head chef Corey Locker. One of the creative dishes on the menu is the Signature French Onion. More than the traditional broth soup, it’s topped with a mac and cheese gratin. The inspiration for this combination came when Locker was eating with his nine year old son and decided to marry their two dishes. It’s a good match, with the gooey cheese melting into the crevices of the elbow macaroni that already soaked in the beef broth and caramelized onion flavors.

Sligo Cafe's Signature French Onion.

The cafe is planning to go to a small plates concept in the next few weeks, so you can enjoy more flavors in one sitting. That’s great news considering the slew of appealing options on the current menu. From the Beeting Hearts Salad, with peppery arugula mixed with creamy goat cheese, hearts of palm, and beet sauce topped with a pistachio finish to the crispy brussels sprouts with bacon and lemon vinaigrette, there are several can’t miss dishes.

The bar overlooking the kitchen seems always bustling, featuring draft beer from local breweries, wine and signature cocktails. The “what-a-melon” champagne cocktail special had fresh watermelon juice, lemon and an entire sprig of fresh thyme to wake up your palate. The watermelon gin rickey is for those who want a stronger drink, but equally as refreshing.

 Sligo Cafe's Watermelon Cocktail Specials.

Save room for dessert too, including plates that incorporate Moorenko’s Ice Cream, which is headquartered down the road. No matter what you order, Sligo Cafe is giving the Silver Spring community a place hang out with friends, eat with your family and enjoy a good meal.


Rachel_BenderRachael Bender enjoys cooking as much as dining out, particularly when she can use harvests from her home garden.  A regulatory attorney by day, she caught the travel bug and looks forward to sampling local cuisines while visiting all 50 states with her husband. 

The Dish on The Daily Dish

By Anya Kroupnik, special to Edible DC Zena warmly greeting the group, introducing her staff and describing their restaurant’s vision.

The Daily Dish is a quaint little neighborhood restaurant with a focus on the farm to fork experience, which we know benefits diners and local small farmers alike. Co-owners Zena Polin and Jerry Hollinger founded this restaurant and catering company to share their love for seasonally inspired, locally sourced food.

A rainbow of colors in our glasses: Sauvignon Blanc from Bodegas Carrau, Uruguay; Rose of Sangiovese, Alexander Valley Vineyard, CA; and being poured a Tempranillo/Shiraz blend from Monte da Gloria, Portugal.

We dined over a five-course meal accompanied by pairings of wines and cocktails, which were all well chosen and delicious. Welcomed by a flute of Cremant de Bourgogne, Brut Extra, Clotidle Davenne of Burgundy, France, we continued with Zena’s favorite selection of wines.

Margarita with blood orange garnish.

There was a large selection of dish and drink pairings, but our standout starters included the savory duck confit served in endive boats with applewood smoked bacon and roasted grapes and the house cured Gravlax on cucumber slices, topped with dill crème fraiche and capers. Along side we sipped a gorgeously sour, salty, sweet blood orange margarita.

Lox on cucumber

After a refreshing salad course, our third course included sautéed housemade purple sweet potato gnocchi and pan-seared scallops with pancetta atop of a romanesco sauce. It was all about that gnocchi--perfectly chewy and subtly sweet which perfectly complimented the firm scallops.

sautéed housemade purple sweet potato gnocchi and pan-seared scallops

The main dish was rich and whimsical- slow cooked beef short ribs melted in your mouth while tri-colored carrots pea shoots brightened the dish, both visually and flavorfully.

Slow cooked beef short ribs.

Every sweet tooth was satisfied with a variety of desserts. My favorite was the vegan chocolate cake with drunken berry wine sauce and ice cream.

We left with full bellies, high spirits, and a bag full of the goodies: Daily Dish’s Daily Dough To Go, a “make-your-own-pizza” kit, Goldilocks Goodies chocolate chip cookies, and coupons for Silver Spring’s local brewery, Denizens Brewing Company.

The Daily Dish, 8301 Grubb Road, Silver Spring, MD. A full service catering company and restaurant serving brunch, lunch, and dinner. Focus on using only local foods, the Daily Dish is True Blue certified and serves only Maryland crabs. 301-588-6300.