7 Tips for watching your waistline over Thanksgiving

by Giacomo Abrusci, special to Edible DC@giacDC on Twitter

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Thanksgiving is one of those days when we all tend to overindulge, and sometimes it's just the beginning of those five unwanted pounds that you have to try to work off come January when the holiday season ends. Here are a few ideas for surviving Thanksgiving with your waistline intact.

1. Have a balanced breakfast or lunch. A healthy start to the day will boost your metabolism and keep you from binging once you sit down at the table.

2. Avoid bad snacks and reach for the good ones between meals, such as nuts, fruit, and veggies. Those cookies look great but so does your waistline — save yourself for one indulgent Thanksgiving dessert and enjoy every mouthful.

3. Stay conscious of your liquid calories: from sodas to super sweet cocktails to vino, it all adds up faster than you think.

4. Keep hydrated to keep everything moving on the inside. Sipping on water will also keep you from overeating and drinking.

5. Watch out for the super creamy potatoes, extra fatty gravy, and diabetically sweet sauces. There is usually a healthier option, like using vegetable broth in mashed potatoes and gravy and sweetening with fruit juice or agave instead of sugar. If you can't bear to change Grandma's recipe, try to use less butter and cream, or at least eat smaller portions.

6. Try and get your heartbeat up for a couple minutes at least once or twice a day. The gym is probably out of the question if you're busy cooking all day but a brisk walk around the block, a two minute plank, or even a little extra private time with someone special can make a big difference.

7. There are plenty of healthy options on that Thanksgiving buffet. Fill up on turkey, salad, and vegetables, then you can indulge in a modest amount of decadent treats without too much guilt.