Trends on Trends - Breakfast Club DC

by Raisa Aziz, special to EdibleDC BCStumptonCoffee

Naturally, it takes the promise of delicious food to get myself out of bed on the morning of a hurricane. And so, swaddled in blanket scarves and my pretence for a raincoat,  I found myself at Maketto for the first #breakfastclubdc Friday, October 2.

Started just over a year ago, founder Emily Elyse Miller (of creative agency Trends on Trends) envisioned #breakfastclub as a series focused on culinary trend forecasting that brings together creative communities to share a great meal and creative conversation in the morning.

Full disclosure: I was a little intimidated by this crew when I first walked in. I immediately gravitated towards safety (the food table), piled high with buttery Frenchie’s pastries and a Noosa yoghurt bar. The light was soft and the space was beautiful and expansive. With Stumptown coffee in hand, I gradually made my way towards the crowd. And true to Emily’s vision, I am soon discussing food, DC’s growing creative scene and collaborations with my tablemates.

Some of the topics we touched on were the growing coffee scene in DC (which has felt like zero to sixty in terms of the explosive growth), our favorite vegetarian taco toppings (and of course that is a huge trend in and of itself--the rise in popularity of plant-based cuisine) and the resurgence of small community gatherings, especially dinners, to foster working groups and creative clusters of people and build community.


Eventually, we rounded out the meal with soy milk and chinese doughnuts, the last dish in a series of tasting plates from chef/owner Erik Bruner-Yang. Maketto’s food is that warm-in-your-belly kinda good. You can find coffee and pastries at the upstairs cafe and Cambodian and Taiwanese inspired family-style meals downstairs.

With ten #breakfastclub events complete in cities from Austin to Glasgow, Emily is now looking to expand to places with a rising community of talented artists, chefs and influencers. When asked about bringing #breakfastclub to DC, she responded, “the DC creative has the no-fear attitude like New Yorkers but also the room to create and grow their ideas that have never been done before in their city. It's an exciting time to be in DC.”


Maketto is located at 1351 H St NE and is open Monday through Sunday, 7:30am-5pm (the Cafe) and varied hours between 11:30am-midnight for lunch and dinner.

RaisaRaisa Aziz (@raisaaziz) is a food stylist, photographer and writer in the DC Area. When not cooking, baking or eating, you can find her bopping about town in search of local adventures.