Time for Local Christmas Trees!

christmas tree Make a memory and support a local farmer! Here's your list of Christmas tree farms in VA and MD. To search for Christmas tree farms in Maryland, go here. For Christmas tree farms in Virginia, your list is here.

The weekend weather will be perfect for an outing to a local Christmas tree farm! Get outdoors, make some memories, support local farmers and get a fresh, local real tree that looks and smells beautiful. Real trees are a renewable, recyclable resource that keep unwanted waste out of our landfills and are good for the environment. Recycled real trees are chipped into mulch, putting nutrients back in soil.

Artificial trees are often petroleum based, overseas imports and end up in landfills forever. According to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, while growing, Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide and other gases and emit fresh oxygen, unlike artificial trees which are petroleum-based. When growing in open space, a 3-inch diameter Douglas-fir tree can reduce atmospheric carbon by 23 pounds and intercept 102 gallons of storm water runoff per year.

Christmas tree farm lists courtesy of @Maryland's Best and @Virginia is for Lovers!