The EmporiYUM DC 2015: A Recap

by Raisa Aziz, special to EdibleDC 1Tent

Food festivals are, well, yummy. The EmporiYUM at Dock 5 & Union Market this past Sunday  was no exception. I came hungry and with a plan: I wanted something sweet and at least one gift for the holiday season. The EmporiYUM is brimming with food and drink options that are hard to say no to. Items are beautifully crafted with attention to detail unexpected for fast festival fare.

It does seem odd that one purchases a ticket to then buy more food. But this is a curated experience with a casually elegant aesthetic and a DJ spinning in the background. It’s fun. People are smiling. There was a baby dancing with her mom in front of the DJ. I was eating mini doughnuts. If you want to eat well, don’t mind a friendly crowd (and like to take pictures of your food), it’s worth it.

Here are some highlights from my two hours at the EmporiYUM:





The EmporiYUM.


















Raisa Aziz (@raisaaziz) is a food stylist, photographer and writer in theDC Area. When not cooking, baking or eating, you can find her bopping about town in search of local adventures.