Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey with Red Lentils

An autumn meal that's hearty, healthy, packed with vitamins, protein, and fiber by Giacomo Abrusci, special to Edible DC: @giacDC on Twitter


We're heading into turkey season, so I picked up Ayrshire Farms frozen turkey wings from the Arcadia Mobile Market the other day and made something so simple — and delicious. First, I partially defrosted my turkey wings in a warm water bath then threw them in a stock pot with some chopped carrots, celery, ginger, onions, a habanero pepper, some dried oregano from my garden, and salt. I filled the pot with water then left it to simmer over medium heat for two or three hours while I was doing chores, drinking wine, and checking my Facebook. When the meat was falling off the bone, I strained out the broth, skimmed off any fat, removed the bones and skin and returned the liquid and meat to the stock pot. Reducing the heat to low, I then added a cup and a half of red lentils — add some more water* if the stock is getting low — and let that simmer for about twenty minutes, stirring occasionally, until the lentils are tender. A little garnish and that’s it — fabulous for a blustery fall day!


* Editor's note: we love this recipe and had some conversation about it over the Edible DC water cooler — our publisher Susan would add some white wine with the lentils, to add a bright punch of acidity, while our editor Kristen would add some red wine, for a warm earthy note. Either way, it's all delicious!