JRINK Juicery

By Alison Baitz JRINK

Shizu Okusa and Jennifer Ngai met in 2010 when they were both working at Goldman Sachs as investment bankers. They officially launched JRINK Juicery in January 2014—with a quick in-person debut in October 2013, at Taste of DC—while both still employed full-time at the World Bank, and are now the proud owners of a brick-and-mortar juice café in Dupont Circle. In between these milestones were several months of product testing, countless flavor combination tests and every-other-day visits to the grocery store for ingredient runs.

The first incarnation of JRINK was mostly as a juice delivery service—which was first executed by Shizu and Jennifer themselves—and a brick-and-mortar retail space wasn’t necessarily the plan from the beginning. But it’s not surprising that they’ve made the jump. “For us, we really wanted to build a community—we want to build something that people resonate with and a lifestyle brand, and it’s not just juice,” says Shizu.

Shizu thinks the brand has had such white-hot success because ultimately their outfit is modern, approachable. The JRINK customer is a normal, busy person but seeking a healthier lifestyle—not necessarily a total health nut. The owners are the same. “We call ourselves flexitarians, so we still like to have fun, we go out with our friends…,” says Shizu. “We all say ‘everything in moderation in moderation.’” Who couldn’t dig that outlook?

Product in demand: Popular 3-Day Reboot Package that comes with a daily regimen of JRINKs and 25/8 JRINK concierge service. More details online at www.JRINKjuicery.com.

JRINK is located at 1323 Connecticut Ave NW in the Dupont Circle area, between GBD Doughnuts and Madhatter. Look for the yellow wood door and go upstairs. Hours: Monday to Thursday 8-8PM and Friday to Sunday 10-4PM.