Chef Tarver King Recipe Preview from The Farmland Feast

Top Chefs and Farmers Headline FRESHFARM Markets Farmland Feast

Tickets Available Now for Cocktail Opener!

The "First At The Feast" cocktail party on November 2 kicks off FRESHFARM Markets Farmland Feast evening in high style. Farmland Feast is one of DC's most noted events celebrating local farmers and local food and serves as FRESHFARM Markets largest fundraiser. This year's line up of food and drink is outstanding. Attendees can get fresh, local oysters, belly up to the beer bar, both curated by Rappahannock Oyster Company. And then the highlight of evening: Delicious small bites from eight of the city's most talented and committed locavore chefs, regional wines and seasonal cocktails crafted by six of the best bartenders in DC. This event will sell out - so make sure and get your ticket asap here:  tickets

2015 Farmland Feast Chefs

Cathal Armstrong, Restaurant Eve ⋅ Amy Brandwein, Centrolina ⋅ Tony Brown, Macon Bistro & Larder ⋅ Jeffrey Buben, Vidalia ⋅ Betrand Chemel, 2941 Restaurant ⋅ Travis Croxton, Rappahannock Oyster Company ⋅ Katsuya Fukushima, Daikaya ⋅ Spike Gjerde, Woodberry Kitchen Tarver King, The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm ⋅ Rory Kraus, The Oval Room⋅ Chris Kujala, Marcel’s ⋅ Ryan LaRoche, Blue Duck Tavern ⋅ Jamie Leeds, Hank’s Oyster Bar ⋅ Tim Ma, Water & Wall ⋅ Andrew Market, Beuchert’s Saloon ⋅ Harper McClure, BRABO ⋅ Marjorie Meek-Bradley, Ripple ⋅ John Snedden, Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company ⋅ Robert Wiedmaier, RW Restaurant Group ⋅ Bill Yosses, Former White House Executive Pastry Chef


We asked for a preview recipe that we could expect to see at the event. Chef Tarver King graciously responded. Below is his recipe for homemade cheese straws--perfect for weekend snacking and football watching!

Cheese Straws

- From Tarver King, The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm

8 oz Cheddar cheese, Spring Gap makes a nice one! 2 cups all purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 6 oz butter, cubed and chilled 1/4 tsp dried red chile(s), crushed 3 tablespoons whole goats milk (Try using Shepards Whey drinkable Goat yogurt.)

To serve: Long shavings of wigwam ham (but any aged ham will work well) Good strong mustardDIRECTIONS: Grind all the dry ingredients and butter together in a food processor.Drizzle in milk until it forms a dough. Chill dough until firm, 2 hours or so.Roll dough out on a lightly floured surface. Cut into long sticks the thickness of a pencil. Roll lightly to make round. Lay on parchment paper and bake at 340 degrees until golden brown. (They will feel slightly soft. Don't worry they crisp up when they cool down).

Dip the end of the grissini in mustard and wrap it in ham. Let sit for a few minutes for the ham to soften and serve.

Goat Cheese and Blackberries, A Summer Love Affair


Words and photos by Sara Axelrod, special to Edible DC

French chef Jacques Pepin once said, “If you have extraordinary bread and extraordinary butter, it's hard to beat bread and butter.” That's how I feel about blackberries this summer. They have reached the peak of their growing season right now and have been exceptional, standing up to the heat, plump and sweet. The epitome of the perfect summer berry, blackberries are the perfect accompaniment to both sweet and savory dishes.

The recipes here really showcase blackberries at their peak. Simple ingredients, unassumingly prepared, coming together to create a delicious dish that tastes the way summer should.

Warm Goat Cheese and Blackberry Salad with Honey Thyme Vinaigrette

This salad pairs the sweet and complex berry with creamy warm goat cheese medallions perfectly accentuating the summer’s best ingredients. (Serves 2.)


Goat Cheese Medallions

- 1 large egg white

- 1 teaspoon of water

- 4 (1/3 inch thick) medallions of soft goat cheese (keep the log in the

refrigerator until ready to cut)

- 3 tablespoons of dried breadcrumbs

- 1 tablespoon olive oil

Honey Thyme Vinaigrette

- 1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar

- 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice

- 2 tablespoons of extra virgin-olive oil

- 1 teaspoon of honey

- ½ teaspoon of fresh thyme, finely minced (dried can also be used)

- Salt and Pepper to taste


- 4 cups of mesclun greens or an assortment of summer greens

- 3 spears of hearts of palm, sliced into ¼ inch coins

- ¼ cup of thinly sliced sweet onion


Whisk together egg white and water. Dip cheese rounds in egg wash, evenly coating. Shake off the excess then dredge in breadcrumbs, pressing lightly to adhere. Chill 15 minutes.

Whisk together vinaigrette ingredients in a small bowl and set aside.

Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in small skillet on high heat until hot but not smoking. Place cheese medallions in oil and sear evenly on both sides until crisp and golden brown. About 30-40 seconds per side. Remove from heat and set aside.

Assemble the greens, hearts of palm rounds and onion slivers on a plate. Gently place goat cheese medallions on greens. Drizzle with vinaigrette and serve.

Note: The easiest way to cut goat cheese into perfect rounds is with a piece of unflavored dental floss.

Goat Cheese and Blackberry Grilled Cheese with Basil and Summer Greens


Accompanied by a simple summer green salad, this is the perfect treat for a lazy afternoon. Look for firm, plump berries at your local farmers market. The goal is to choose berries that are firm enough to hold their shape when surrounded by melted cheese—so that when you bite into the sandwich the berry juice bursts in your mouth. (Makes 2 sandwiches.)

Goat Cheese and Blackberry Grilled Cheese with Basil


- 4 slices of your favorite bread (I prefer the Seeduction bread from Whole Foods)

- 1 small log of fresh goat cheese- with herbs or without based on your preference

- 1 pint of blackberries

- High quality butter for spreading

- 5-6 leaves of fresh basil


Spread one side of each slice of bread with butter and place bread, buttered-side down, in a pan over medium-high heat. Top each slice with crumbled goat cheese, roughly ½ tablespoon-1tablespoon depending on the size of the bread slices. Cover pan. Slice blackberries in half and set aside. Chiffonade the basil so you have very thin strips and set aside.

Once the bread has the beginnings of a nice golden crisp and the cheese is beginning to melt, top each slice with the halved blackberries (roughly 4-8 halves depending on the bread) and top with the basil to your own taste. I prefer a light layer of basil, about 5-6 pieces per sandwich.

Combine the 4 separate tartines into two sandwiches. Cover and continue to cook over medium heat for another minute being careful not to burn the bread. Flip the sandwich and sear the other side. Remove from the heat and leave covered until the cheese is melted.

Slice in half and serve with a simple salad of summer greens.

Summer Green Salad



- 3 cups of assorted and available summer greens (arugula, dandelion greens, spinach, purslane)

- ¼ cup of shaved pecorino

- ¼ cup of sweet onion thinly sliced


- ½ teaspoon of finely grated lemon zest

- 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

- 1 teaspoon of honey

- ½ teaspoon of mustard seed

- ¼ teaspoon of fine sea salt, or to taste

- 3-4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil

- Ground white pepper to taste


Wash greens and set aside to dry. Combine all dressing ingredients and stir vigorously until combined. Toss dressing with greens and garnish with pecorino and onion. Serve alongside Goat Cheese and Blackberry Grilled Cheese with Basil.


Hawaii/Colorado native and DC transplant, Sara Axelrod is a frequenter of farmers markets, vegetable enthusiast and constantly lusts after the perfect French fry. When she is not cooking or exploring DC’s thriving restaurant scene, she works at the DC-based public affairs firm, The Glover Park Group, as a communications professional on the Energy and Sustainability team, with a focus on food policy and sustainable agriculture.

Brunching with Bagels

Words and photographs by Joy Jaynes - Recipe development and styling by Rebecca Gallop
This story appeared in our Summer 2015 Issue.
 header image bagel

We wait all winter long for the promise of summer. As spring slips by in the blink of an eye, summer arrives in all its abundant glory, along with sultry nights, backyard barbecues, sunny vacations and, best of all, leisurely late-morning brunches.

The best part of hosting a summer brunch is celebrating what the season provides, from bright berries, fresh tomatoes and crisp beans to spicy peppers, sweet cherries and a vast array of nutrient-rich greens.


So hit the farmers market, set the table on the porch and gather your friends for a scrumptious Sunday brunch brimming with seasonal flavors. Today, we are brunching with bagels.

[box]Here are a few tips and tricks to help your brunch go off without a hitch: • Prep the dough the day before, so you can just shape/boil/ bake the bagels in the morning. Waking up two hours early on a Sunday morning to wait for dough to rise is nobody’s idea of fun. • Buy a few blooms from the market and throw them into small bottles. Simplest and prettiest centerpiece DONE in two minutes. • Err on the side of simple: neutral table settings, a small centerpiece, nothing too complicated, and the food will just speak for itself. • Base your menu on what’s available that week at the farmers market. This menu focuses on three simple bagel sandwiches with various toppings, but guests can make them however they wish and mix and match toppings. • Make the hot pepper jelly ahead of time. When you do make it, you’ll have a few jars on hand to use throughout the year or give as gifts.[/box]
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Brunching with Bagels Menu

Everything Bagel with Fava Bean Hummus Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta Topping, Sprouts and Feta Cheese Honey Oat Bagel with Whipped Cream Cheese with Berries Sesame Bagel with Fried Egg, Aged White Cheddar Cheese and Hot Pepper Jam Raspberry Basil Arnold Palmer

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Recipes for the toppings of the Everything bagel below:


Fava Bean Hummus Recipe

 Recipe for Honey Oat Bagel toppings below:



Brunching with Bagels was developed and produced by Joy Jaynes and Rebecca Gallop.

Joy Jaynes is a a photographer based in Old Town Alexandria. She is also a freelance content creator and creative strategist, and blogs at

Rebecca Gallop is a Northern VA-based prop stylist, event designer, and blogger (, and the founder of A Daily Gathering (, an ongoing series of seasonal dinners, workshops, and gatherings with the purpose of sharing food and conversation, and learning new skills.
Special thanks to West Elm for tableware and accessories.