Porridge in a Potstill

by Dram & Grain

Photo by Raisa Aziz

Photo by Raisa Aziz

*Warming notes of oats, brown sugar and dark fruit with a luscious mouth feel and citrus balance.

3 Dashes D&G Barrel-aged bitters (home bartenders can sub with Angostura)
0.75 oz fresh Lemon Juice
0.50 oz Malmsey Madeira
1.00 oz Malted Barley Orgeat**
1.50 oz Virginia Distilling Co Port Finished Single Malt

Instructions: Build cocktail in a shaker tin, shake vigorously and double strain into chilled copper coupe.

**Malted Barley Orgeat
200 g Malted Barley
500 g Water
400 g Light brownsugar
5 g Gum Arabic
½ teaspoon potassium sorbate

Chinois strainer
1 gallon measuring cup
1 Quart container


  1. Combine barley and water in the blender and blend thoroughly.
  2. Fine strain barley water through chinois and correct volume back to 500 g.
  3. Combine barley water and sugar in the blender and blend thoroughly.
  4. Add 5 g xanthan gum and blend thoroughly.
  5. Stir in potassium sorbate.
  6. Store in quart container in refrigerator.