Chaia, farm-to-taco

Their menu rotates based on the vegetables in season locally. We offer seasonal, plant-based tacos, sides + natural drinks made predominately from local ingredients. At Chaia, our tacos and ingredients constantly change based on what we source seasonally and locally. That's what we do! We work closely with Tuscarora Organic Growers located in Pennsylvania to purchase the majority of our produce from their farmers. In the winter months, when there is less available, we do our best to source organic and/or domestic products grown as close to us as possible using sustainable farming practices.


Dinos Grotto

We define local as VA. MD, PA, DE WV} All the primary produce is local. All the primary produce is selected from farmer's markets directlly {except for a small amount of produce from Path Valley cooperative} and follows the abundance of he season. DIno's Grotto works with approximately 30 farms over the year and shops Silver Spring, 14th & U, DUpont, Blooming Dale regularly. Dino's Grotto was almost completely local last winter for primary produce {primary produce excludes citrus carrots, celery, onion, russet potatoes, shallots, herbs; ,mushrooms are Pennsylvania grown but purchased at a conventional produce dock; protatoes, onions etc that are a featured part of a plate are local {ie grilled onions on a local veggie antipasto would be local, a side of potatoes on brunch is not} 

Eat & Smile Catering

From its inception in 2007, Eat & Smile Catering has strived to bring people together through food in a way that curates a positive connection between those you love and what you share at the table. Eat & Smile is the original locavore caterer, the first to work on a larger scale with local farms and food purveyors to bring locally grown ingredients to our dishes. We love working with clients to customize menus that are as delicious and special as they are environmentally conscious. Being a part of a local and sustainable business has always been an important value for our team. We take great pride in supporting a myriad of like-minded local businesses, as well as focusing on having true green business practices!