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Hometown Heroes

FRESHFARM co-founders Ann Yonkers and Bernie Prince make way for a new generation

Words by Marian Burros. Photo by Maria Bryk. From EdibleDC’s Summer Issue 2015.

Every Sunday for almost two decades one of Washington’s busiest traffic circles morphs into a village square where cars are banned and carefree pedestrians stroll with their dogs and toddlers and baby carriages, stopping to chat with their neighbors, sample endlessly, nibble on buttery croissants and buy the freshest ingredients available in town.

Ann Yonkers and Bernie Prince, the co-founders and co-executive directors of the area’s FRESHFARM Markets, can take full credit for the weekly miracle that takes place at Dupont Circle, the most famous and largest of their 13 markets.

But after almost two decades of work, the two women are ready to move on and turn over their jobs creating and nurturing these producer-only markets to a new generation. In the process, … Read More

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Savvy Shoppers Support National Farmers Market Week in the DC Region!

by AJ Dronkers, EdibleDC Associate Publisher & Digital Editor


Did you know that August 2-8 is National Farmers Market Week? We are half way through it and in case you haven’t visited one yet, we wanted to give you some quick tips to support your local farmers market!


There are over 200+ farmers markets across our region. Find one near you easily with this handy tool from The Washington Post. Just enter your preferred day and region and the they will quickly filter the results. I entered Wednesday & DC and the map displayed the below graphic and list:

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 10.31.07 AM

Example using the Washington Post tool to find farmers markets.

Okay, great now I know where my closest farmer market is but aren’t they more expensive? First, if you haven’t been in a while you should check out the prices – they are probably better than you expect. Second, you … Read More

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The Skinny on Asparagus

By Eugenia Bone, author of The Kitchen Ecosystem, special to Edible Communities


When my son was very young he was a binge eater. One fall he ate tomatoes and apples. Just tomatoes and apples. The following winter it was ground beef. But after a full Spring of his eating pretty much nothing but baked asparagus, which he nibbled from top to bottom, I became exasperated and asked his doctor if these eating habits were going to cause malnutrition or…or what? But Dr. Heiss put my worries aside. He said the whole idea of a daily food requirement was bogus (and some say a government-supported fiction perpetrated by the food industry lobby), and that a good diet only makes sense from an annual perspective. Over the course of a year, at the rate my son was going, his diet was perfectly fine. I started to think about this, and how … Read More

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