The Goat Cheeses of Georges Mill Farm

The Goat Cheeses of Georges Mill Farm By Emily HilliardIMG_0198_1

Along the back roads of Loudon County, en route to Georges Mill Farm in Lovettsville, Virginia, there are signs that you’re still within striking distance of a major metropolitan area, as newer homes and development extend their reach among the rolling farms with old barns and white farmhouses.

But as you finally round the corner of Georges Farm Road and spot the Civil War–era stone house and the quaint barn-red Georges Mill Farm stand, you feel as if you’ve entered a landscape all its own, a historic haven very separate from the new growth in the county.


Climbing the driveway past the lawn of the stone house-turned-bed and breakfast, you come upon a converted corn crib, now the home of Sam and Molly Kroiz, 31 and 28, respectively, who run Georges Mill Farm Artisan Cheese—the farmstead goat cheese operation on … Read More

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Dolcezza Gelato Raises the Bar with New Venue

Get Your Licks InInteriorShot_1

By Tim Ebner

By the time late spring rolls around, Robb Duncan is salivating for summer. It’s the time of year when his business, Dolcezza Gelato, is busy whipping up frozen gelatos with fresh berries, including strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and red, black and purple raspberries.

Summer also means peak herb growing season. And, if there was a Super Bowl Sunday for gelato producers, Duncan says it would be during the last week of June.

“That one week is a big one. It’s just an amazing time for fresh gelato,” he says. “It’s the tail end of strawberry season, and it has a one-week overlap where blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are in season too.”


This year Dolcezza is ready for that week. The gelato shop recently opened a 4,000-square-foot factory space, behind Union Market in Northeast D.C. The factory space feels light and airy, thanks to skylights … Read More

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A Julep So Cool It’s Blue

By Tim Ebner

As the heat and humidity hit this summer, skip the Manhattan and order up an ice-cold mint julep. Sure, this cocktail has several centuries of history in Kentucky, and it’s the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, but it might also be the perfect remedy for a muggy D.C. afternoon.


Nick Caruana runs a drinks site called The Straight Up, a Saveur 2014 finalist for best cocktail blog. Caruana says Kentucky Senator Henry Clay is credited with bringing the julep to our nation’s capital where he introduced the drink back in the early 1800s at the hotel where the Willard Intercontinental now stands. The Willard’s Round Robin bar still makes the julep according to Clay’s recipe, but for a summer refresh on this iced bourbon beverage, Caruana adds fresh blueberries.

He muddles mint and blueberries with Maraschino to create the base of his “Mint Blulep.” Then, … Read More

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Tips on Freezing Summer Fruits

Saving Summer

by Debra Moser

It is a sure sign that spring has arrived when the first local strawberries make their appearance in farm markets—bursting with flavor, bringing vibrant color at the end of a drab winter. We dream of sun-drenched days full of delicate red raspberries, overflowing cartons of juicy blackberries and blueberries bursting with flavor.


As spring eases into summer and fruit-filled menus intrigue us, now it is the perfect time to start thinking about next winter. Freezing our abundant fruits and berries now to later add to breakfast dishes, entrees, soup desserts and smoothies will make your recipes sparkle long after summer is just a memory.

Freezing fruits picked at their peak is a must as it will give you the best chance of preserving the integrity, nutritional value and, of course, the intense flavors. Frozen properly, most fruits can maintain their quality for eight months and Read More

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Mockingbird Hill Fino Garlicback

The Weirdest Thing That Actually Tastes Great

By Alison Baitz

Garlic Back Two-2

Mockingbird Hill bar manager and head bartender Chantal Tseng was looking for a way to incorporate pickled garlic juice into a drink. Inspired by the classic pickleback (a shot of whiskey chased with pickle juice), she dreamed up the fino garlicback, a shot of dry fino sherry followed by a small saucer of pickled garlic juice. The result is a perfect note of savory flavor, and, as Tseng boasts, a “versatile” choice, as it works perfectly as a palate cleanser—or makes a great introduction to the nuanced world of sherry itself.

On a side note, Angie , manager just told Edible DC that Mockingbird Hill is also starting a high bar coffee service in mid-June and opening early for those seeking java and breakfast. Mockingbird Hill opens at 8 a.m. -3:00 p.m. daily for coffee, breakfast and lunch service, and … Read More

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JRINK Juicery

By Alison Baitz


Shizu Okusa and Jennifer Ngai met in 2010 when they were both working at Goldman Sachs as investment bankers. They officially launched JRINK Juicery in January 2014—with a quick in-person debut in October 2013, at Taste of DC—while both still employed full-time at the World Bank, and are now the proud owners of a brick-and-mortar juice café in Dupont Circle. In between these milestones were several months of product testing, countless flavor combination tests and every-other-day visits to the grocery store for ingredient runs.

The first incarnation of JRINK was mostly as a juice delivery service—which was first executed by Shizu and Jennifer themselves—and a brick-and-mortar retail space wasn’t necessarily the plan from the beginning. But it’s not surprising that they’ve made the jump. “For us, we really wanted to build a community—we want to build something that people resonate with and a lifestyle brand, and it’s … Read More

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“Summer Vortex” Issue Press Release

DC’s metro area and Capital region has a new source for in-depth information about local food: Edible DC At the heart of the magazine is a commitment to showcasing the unique local flavors, food artisans and farmers and the people and places that make the food from the region special.

In it’s premier issue, publisher Susan Able says, “We really aim to capture what is unique and front-leading about our local food scene here and build on the national Edible brand and mission. I stand on the shoulders of giants – dedicated Edible publishers, writers and community leaders who have done so much to promote the importance of eating locally, healthily, and sustainably across the US—and we want to chronicle that momentum here in the DC foodshed area.”

The June 2014 issue, themed ”The Summer Vortex Issue” celebrates summer in the region with a feature on young chefs hosting a … Read More

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Distribution Map Fall 2014 Issue

Below you will find a list of select vendors, markets, cafes and farmers markets that have agreed to distribute EdibleDC free of charge. We will do our best to keep the map updated but our deliveries take time so please reference the text below the map to ensure which locations have received a recent delivery!

If you have suggestions for distribution locations please email Remember you can always pay to have EdibleDC delivered to your door, click here to subscribe.

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Friday, September 12 Deliveries

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