From Chef Nathan: The Fainting Goat's Peel N' Eat Shrimp

by AJ Dronkers, Associate Publisher & Digital Editor


Summer has arrived! All the adventure of weekend travel and taking care of your subtly curated tan can make it difficult to keep up with your DC friends. Your answer: Fainting Goat launched "Picnic at the Goat" series every on Mondays once a month this summer. These family-style suppers allow you to bring your friends together for a casual evening of catching up and great seasonal food.

We recently attended a Fried Chicken Picnic -- and obsessed so much over the Peel N'Eat Shrimp that the team gave us their recipe. We're sharing that with you, and you're welcome.

Check out one of their next picnics:

  • BBQ Spare Ribs 7/11, 7/18, 7/25
  • Blue Crabs  8/1, 8/15, 8/29
  • Lobster Boil 9/12, 9/19, 9/26

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Peel N' Eat Shrimp

2 dozen shell on shrimp 2 tablespoons Old Bay 6 oz lager of your choosing

Chili Butter

1 tablespoon habanero powder (cayenne is a good substitute) 1 tablespoon lemon zest 1 teaspoon sea salt ½ cup butter, softened

Directions: Make the butter. Mix all ingredients for the butter with a stand-mixer, hand-held mixer or vigorously with a wooden spoon. Refrigerate or set aside.

Take a large pot and add the beer into it. Once it comes to a boil add the shrimp and Old Bay. Cover the shrimp and cook until the shrimp are completely cooked. This should take about 4-5 minutes.

Once cooked, drain the shrimp and toss with the butter. Serve with lemon and cocktail sauce

Beacoup Melon Punch

Juice and strain: 1 watermelon 2 cantaloupe 2 honeydew melons

Combine the juices. Next, add the alcohol. For every 4 quarts of juice, add 1 liter of vodka and 1 quart of mint simple syrup (recipe below.)

Mint Simple Syrup:

Make a light simple syrup, by taking 2 cups sugar and 1 cup water and adding to a saucepan. Bring to boil. Add two bunches of mint leaves--using the leaves only. Bring to a hard boil then drop to a simmer and turn off the heat when the leaves start to brown. Let steep for 5-10 minutes longer. Strain off the mint leaves and chill until ready to use.