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Goat Cheese and Blackberries, A Summer Love Affair

Words and photos by Sara Axelrod, special to Edible DC


French chef Jacques Pepin once said, “If you have extraordinary bread and extraordinary butter, it’s hard to beat bread and butter.” That’s how I feel about blackberries this summer. They have reached the peak of their growing season right now and have been exceptional, standing up to the heat, plump and sweet. The epitome of the perfect summer berry, blackberries are the perfect accompaniment to both sweet and savory dishes.

The recipes here really showcase blackberries at their peak. Simple ingredients, unassumingly prepared, coming together to create a delicious dish that tastes the way summer should.

Warm Goat Cheese and Blackberry Salad with Honey Thyme Vinaigrette

This salad pairs the sweet and complex berry with creamy warm goat cheese medallions perfectly accentuating the summer’s best ingredients. (Serves 2.)


Goat Cheese Medallions

– 1 large egg white

– 1 … Read More

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Mr. Edward Lee Goes to Washington, with Succotash

Inside the mind of Chef Edward Lee before his new restaurant opens at National Harbor

By Tim Ebner

Photo courtesy Hannah Hudson Photography.

Photo courtesy Hannah Hudson Photography.

By all accounts Chef Edward Lee is a Washington outsider, and he kind of likes it that way.

It’s not to say that Lee doesn’t have a dedicated following. He’s a James Beard nominated chef from Louisville and most recently starred in the hit PBS Food series, The Mind of a Chef.

But by D.C. standards, he’s pretty low on the totem pole. He landed here on Wednesday, and he doesn’t really get noticed on the street. To Lee, this outsider perspective has given him a new way to look at the region’s food.

Soon he will open Succotash at National Harbor, a dining and retail area known more for chains, like McCormick & Schmick’s, Nando’s Peri Peri, and Potbelly. That doesn’t really seem to bother … Read More

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A Night at Silver Spring’s Sligo Cafe

by Rachael Bender, special to EdibleDC


Sligo Cafe features rotating artwork from the Zenith Gallery.

When you don’t like your lunch options, what do you do? Open a restaurant, of course. “We’re a neighborhood business,” said owner and former music exec David Galinsky, who discussed how he built out the space for the recently opened Sligo Cafe in Silver Spring. While not in the most picturesque part of town, the eatery is walking distance from metro and the interior design makes you forget about what’s going on across the street. The industrial office space is transformed with purple and silver decor and rotating artwork from Margery Goldberg’s Zenith Gallery. And the big windows open up to the sidewalk patio so everyone can enjoy the weekly live music featuring local artists.

But patrons really come for the food from head chef Corey Locker. One of the creative dishes on the … Read More

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Taste the Studio! Studio Theatre’s New Event Debuts August 1

TasteofStudio_Ad Edible_7.5x4.75This summer, held in conjunction with Midcity Dog Days, Studio Theatre is debuting a new event—Taste of Studio—to be held on Saturday, August 1 from 4:00 to 7:00pm.

It’s a fun twist on the Studio Theatre’s annual Garage Sale which provides an opportunity for Studio fans to purchase a “part of the season” in the form of costumes, props, and even set pieces. Taste of the Studio expands the event to include a multi-floor food and beverage experience featuring neighborhood restaurants and bars, along with live entertainment and a behind-the-scenes look at Studio’s production shop.

This multi-floor food and beverage experience will highlight the cuisine and cocktails of the vibrant 14th Street neighborhood, as well as entertainment and unique theatrical elements to reflect Studio’s adventurous spirit.

Taste of the Studio opens up Studio’s landmark, three-building, four-performance space complex like never before and the event will feature bites and sips from:… Read More

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10 Things We Learned from Hugh Acheson

Hugh 1

You won’t believe Hugh Acheson’s strategy for making crème fraîche. He combines buttermilk and heavy cream, covers the mixture with plastic wrap, and lets it sit above the fridge where the temperature tends to be 80 degrees. After 24-36 hours, the mixture should have thickened up and developed the bacterial cultures that make it so tasty.

This is just one tip we learned from the celebrity chef with restaurants in Athens and Atlanta, Georgia. You also know him from countless appearances on Top Chef as a judge. What you may not know, is that Acheson makes his way to DC quite often because of his passionate work in food policy. Specifically, Acheson tells us he is working on a a new initiative to rework home economics curriculum to be more current. He shared that on recent visits he dined (and loved) Rose’s Luxury, Toki Underground and Zaytinya.

Hugh 2

We joined Acheson’s … Read More

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Unplugged Performance by The Bacon Brothers Delights Crowd at City Blossoms

Bacon Brothers at Columbia Heights Community Center Garden

Bacon Brothers at Columbia Heights Community Center Garden. Photography by Christine Halsey.

Photographs by Christine Halsey, words by Susan Able

Kevin Bacon, his brother Michael and their band, The Bacon Brothers, held a musical pop-up on Saturday afternoon and surprised a small crowd of volunteers and gardeners at City Blossoms’ Girard Garden in Columbia Heights. City Blossoms is a D.C, nonprofit that uses gardening, food and art to develop creative kid-driven green spaces and it is just the kind of small, “hidden gem” cause that Kevin Bacon loves to support through his own nonprofit,, whose goal is to make doing good a regular part of pop culture by connecting celebrities with causes–and he uses his own band to promote that kind of connection.KevinBacon5

In the area for a concert Saturday night at the Birchmere, Kevin Bacon and The Bacon Brothers did several “drop bys” in the Alexandria area to … Read More

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July is Paella Party Season

By Christina Brown, special to Edible DC

Don’t let the summer heat fool you. July is a perfect time to sample some of the city’s interpretations of this famous Spanish dish! Do you have leftovers from your July 4th BBQ? They might be a perfect addition to your paella pan.. Just take it from Chef Quim Marqués, a childhood friend of Chef José Andrés and this year’s guest chef for the 2015 Annual Paella Festival, which will be held from July 13 to July 26 at all three local Jaleo locations. Chef Marqués’ barbeque paella was inspired from time the chef spent in Texas, and he is sourcing the bellota sausage and pork ribs from local farms.

Caldero de Arroz Flamenco

Caldero de Arroz Flamenco

Or, for a more classic take on Spanish paella, look no further than the caldero de arroz flamenco, a soupy seafood version of the dish that includes clams, cockles, … Read More

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America Eats Tavern Highlights Virginia’s Food Roots

By Jai Williams, special to Edible DC

Private Dining Area

As the first colony settled by the English in the ‘New World,’ Virginia’s cuisine has changed over the course of its quadricentennial history. From the indigenous people originally present to the wave of colonists and slaves that came afterward, together they built the foundation of recipes that we’ve come to love and utilize. When internationally acclaimed Chef José Andrés opened America Eats Tavern, its concept differed from his other restaurants here in the District. Mexican, Mediterranean, and Spanish were present but American cuisine, could it be done?

That’s never a question to ask when it comes to the ThinkFoodGroup, Andres’s restaurant conglomerate. Highlighting classic dishes with fresh ingredients, Head Chef Nate Waugaman pays homage to American history while challenging the diner to experience something familiar in a completely new light while showcasing the bounty of flora and fauna Virginia has to offer.

Trio of Oysters

From … Read More

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Unprocessed: My City-Dwelling Year of Reclaiming Real Food – Megan Kimble

By Avery Morrison, special to Edible DC  


It may be hard to believe that a book about what goes into to making food–and what it means to eat only “whole” foods that are unprocessed—is a page turner, but it is. Written in an engaging style with a journalist’s eye, Megan Kimble’s exploration of her year of living eating only unprocessed foods will both enlighten you on what “unprocessed” really means and will change your outlook on food and how it gets into your kitchen. Kimble makes the backstory of food production relatable through day-to-day vignettes, the trip to the grocery story or what goes into that small piece of pacifying chocolate you need everyday. The author, Megan Kimble, is the managing editor of Edible Baja Arizona and is also a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times. Kimble explains that she wrote this book for many reasons–political, environmental, economic and … Read More

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Saving Summer – 10 Top Tips for Freezing Summer’s Fruits

DSC_0040By Deb Moser, special to Edible DC. From our Summer 2014 issue.

It is a sure sign that spring has arrived when the first local strawberries make their appearance in farm markets—bursting with flavor, bringing vibrant color at the end of a drab winter. We dream of sun-drenched days full of delicate red raspberries, overflowing cartons of juicy blackberries and blueberries bursting with flavor.

As spring eases into summer and fruit-filled menus intrigue us, now it is the perfect time to start thinking about next winter. Freezing our abundant fruits and berries now to later add to breakfast dishes, entrees, soup desserts and smoothies will make your recipes sparkle long after summer is just a memory..

Freezing fruits picked at their peak is a must as it will give you the best chance of preserving the integrity, nutritional value and, of course, the intense flavors. Frozen properly, most fruits … Read More

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