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Cool as a Cucumber – Nine Easy Ways to Use One of Summer’s Best Veggies

Words and photos by Rachael Bender, special to EdibleDC

CucumbersIt’s cucumber season! Cukes have had a strong season and are plentiful in the farm markets, and maybe from your home garden. Growing cucumbers is easy and rewarding. Using a trellis to help the vines grow as tall as they grow wide, it’s an adventure to sift through the big leaves and pretty yellow flowers each day to find ready-to-pick cucumbers hidden inside. But when you have an abundance of anything perishable, the question is always: what should I do with it all? Here are ideas for using this superfood daily.

Make pickles. Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Find your favorite mason jars and make a brining liquid for turning your cucumbers into sweet or sour pickles. Check out recipes here and here.

Freshen up your H2O. We all need to stay hydrated in the … Read More

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I Went to Landmark Music Festival for the Food

by Andrew Marder, Special to EdibleDC

The picnic area and tables at the Landmark Music Festival.

The picnic area and tables at the Landmark Music Festival.

“I really like that one ‘TV on the Wolf’ song,” I say to a girl at my picnic table.

“It’s ‘TV on the Radio’,” she says as she takes a bite out her Oyamel taco. “Their song is ‘Wolf Like Me’.”


Curley's Q BBQ fries.

Curley’s Q BBQ fries.

Luckily, I’m allowed to be a musical idiot because I’m not here to cover the band line-up — I’m here for the food. The Landmark Music Festival teamed up with Jose Andres to bring concert goers the DC Eats food court.

Oyamel, Amsterdam Falafelshop, Old Ebbitt Grill, Lemonade Love and a dozen other vendors line the edge of Ohio Avenue on the outskirts of the Mall, spilling out burgers, shakes, tacos and treats out into a hungry crowd.

Amsterdam Falafelshop fixings.

Amsterdam Falafelshop fixings.

It’s a far cry from epicurean horrors … Read More

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Five Pick-Your-Own Apple Farms Not to Miss in the DMV

By Raisa Aziz, special to Edible DC


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The air is crisp, the leaves are turning color and we get to be cosy without the actual cold. What better way to kick off the season than with Fall’s most perfect, edible love child.

Apple varieties will soon take over your local farmers market but you can easily pick your own apples for a sweet farm-to-table (or belly!) experience. Meander through the orchards and fill up your bushel to take home for pies, jellies and snacking later on. Here are our top picks for the season. Be sure to always call the farm ahead of time and bring your own containers.


Milburn Orchards

Milburn Orchards is located in Elkton, Maryland and has been family run since 1902. They offer a pick-your-own adventure every weekend throughout the harvest season. Royal Gala, Honeycrisp and Orange Honey … Read More

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Women Chefs: Artists in the Kitchen at the Strathmore

By Andrew Marder, special to Edible DC


Outside looking in at the Strathmore.

The Mansion at Strathmore is heaving with artists and chefs. The backdoors have been opened to an unusually cool night to ease the strain on the house’s aging infrastructure.

I have, embarrassingly, chugged a glass of white in front of an event volunteer and promptly placed the glass back down on the table for a second go. It’s cold and wonderful, and there are a million people here and it is warmer than I’m comfortable with. If I have to die, crushed to death in a turn-of-the-century mansion, at least I’ll have downed two glasses of white wine.



Carla Hall Paper Doll, by Danni Dawson.


Chef Carla Hall

Women Chefs: Artists in the Kitchen is a celebration of local women as represented by local artists. Paintings, mixed media collages, and sculptures are scattered throughout the mansion, … Read More

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What’s In My Basket: Living the Organic Life with Chef Nora Pouillon

Words by Jordan Anthony-Brown
Photographs by Space Division Photography
chef nora smiling
It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in late spring near Dupont Circle, and Chef Nora Pouillon is on amission, one that began decades ago and continues today. While the use of organic produce and ingredients in restaurants is far more common in 2015, Chef Nora was truly the originator of the movement, with her flagship Restaurant Nora becoming America’s first certified organic restaurant in 1999.

red onions


Red Russian Kale,
Spring Onions
red kale

Recipe for Restaurant Nora’s Cold Egyptian Spinach Soup

The Austrian-born chef recently chronicled her nearly lifelong path as a pioneer of fresh, local and organic cuisine in a memoir, My Organic Life.

“When I first came to the United States in the 1960s, I saw firsthand all of the chemicals and pesticides that were used in the food here,” says Pouillon. “It was

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5 pigs, 5 chefs, 1 winner – the return of heritage bbq

by AJ Dronkers, Digital Editor


CoCoSala chocolate Pig with bacon.

This post is being updated for the upcoming Heritage BBQ event taking place on Sunday​, October 4th 2015 at Union Market Dock 5.

Cochon 555’s Heritage BBQ is back! ​We loved ​the ​Cochon 555 ​event ​so much ​​that we are partnering with them again ​as they bring​ Heritage BBQ back to DC. The event challenges five ​of our top local ​chefs to cook one whole, family farm-raised, heritage pig for a group of twenty notable judges. Come experience global ​BBQ​ traditions​ in one big, delicious event!​

The competing chefs:

Additional global bbq tradition chefs:

  • Kyle Bailey – Birch & Barley
  • Craig Hartman – Barbeque Exchange
  • Zachary Mills – Wit & Wisdom Tavern
  • Erik Bruner-Yang –
Read More
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Slow Flowers: Field-to-Vase Dinners Promote U.S. Flower Farmers

VA Pop-Up Field Dinner One Stop on 10-City Tour


By Susan Able, Edible DC

On an eighth-generation heritage farm, flower farmers Andrea and Lou Gagnon, owners of LynnVale Studios in Gainesville, Virginia, hosted a dinner on Thursday evening for two hundred guests in their flower fields. The stunning event and dinner was all part of a national promotional tour to highlight the Certified American Grown flowers program and the farmers who grow them. As explained by the event organizers, Certified American Grown, which is a coalition of American flower farmers, the event was designed to focus attention on fresh, local and sustainable flowers in the same way that a farm-to-table chef sources the freshest regional and seasonal menu ingredients available.f2vdinner_invite

The national dinner series was designed to make locally grown flowers the focal point of the evening discussion. So why do we care about at “Slow Flowers”, American-grown flower movement? … Read More

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You’re Sweet Enough Already

Rethinking Sweeteners from The Physician’s Kitchen

SugarBy Avery Morrison, special to Edible DC

Entering Casey Health Institute (CHI) feels like a peaceful utopia as you enter fresh from the bustling traffic of rush hour. I had braved after-work traffic to attend the last of Casey Health’s Physician’s Kitchen series for the summer (don’t worry, they resume in mid-September. Click HERE for more information.) The Physician’s Kitchen series is run by the physicians at CHI who truly believe in the food-as-medicine approach to diet and health. Each session begins with a lecture and ends with a demonstration and tasting. The topic of the lecture changes each session, but the entire series focuses on the powerful influence of food on the body and how to use food to get and stay healthy. After the classroom setting, there is a cooking demonstration, tastings, and the recipes are shared so that the all the … Read More

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A Cuban Exploration

CubaBookby Spencer Launer, special to Edible DC

Secretary of State John Kerry scheduled to raise the American flag over the U.S. embassy in Havana for the first time since January 3, 1961, and I had to get there first. I wanted to feel the sticky nights before the corporate storm. I wanted to hear the live salsa, son cubano, and jazz before bars are taken over with new Beliebers and their new Bluetooth high-performance speakers. I wanted to taste the Cuban cuisine before the country is infiltrated with McDonalds, Burger King and Chipotle.

I deplaned in Jose Marti International Airport and was overwhelmed by the smell of stale Cuban cigars in the jetway, remnants of tourists’ last attempts to enjoy a freshly rolled cigar in the humid climate that preserves each tobacco leaf perfectly. The customs process was a breeze, and I was already bartering for the cheapest ride into … Read More

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Lattes on Draft — LaColombe Raises the Bar on Ice Coffee in Shaw

by Andrew Marder, Special to EdibleDC


I’m not hip. Teenagers walk past my house coming or going from middle school, and at no point do they think, “There’s the guy I want to be like.” I’m the dude wearing the relaxed fit clothes that takes the ball that lands in his yard.

So the other night, those teenagers would have been surprised to see me swimming neck deep in a crowd of hip young things at La Colombe — I was surprised myself.

The Shaw outpost of this Philly-based coffee roaster was hosting DC’s social media elite to introduce its new draft latte and coffee-tinged rum. I did my best to fit in.


“What’s your handle,” a gentleman with a beautiful Leica draped over his shoulder asked.

“I don’t use Instagram.”


So while I didn’t fit in very well in terms of being an on trend kind of guy, … Read More

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