DC’s fastest female bartenders shake it for charity

By Eden Stiffman, special to EdibleDC

CrowdThe crowd at The Howard Theater sipped on cocktails from the event’s liquor sponsors throughout the evening. (Photo by Eden Stiffman)

Some of the District’s fastest female bartenders met for a stirring and shaking showdown Monday at the Howard Theatre.

The event kicked off the fourth year of Speed Rack, “the March Madness of boobies and booze,” as event co-founder Ivy Mix calls it, which serves two purposes: to promote women in the male dominated field of bartending, and to raise money to battle breast cancer.

Ivy & LynnetteSpeed Rack founders Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero kick of the fourth season of the all-female speed bar tending competition. (Photo by Eden Stiffman)

Here’s how it worked: A crowd of tipsy spectators watched two contestants at a  time compete in timed heats, making four classic cocktails selected at random. A panel of discerning judges, including Todd … Read More

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More than just a holiday song: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

by Giacomo Abrusci, special to Edible DC

Chestnut season is here! These make a great and healthy addition to your dessert or snack menu around the holidays, and, of course, are perfect in stuffing for a Thanksgiving turkey.

Fresh chestnuts can be found this time of year in farmers markets and area grocery stores, and they are fairly easy to prepare. Once you roast and peel them, you can munch on them whole (I like to sprinkle a little sea salt on them), or chop or purée them for many different recipes.

First, on the rounder side of the chestnut, slice through that hard brown skin down one side; try not to cut too deeply into the meat of the nut. In my family we usually cut an “X”; I don’t know why we do it that way, that just what my grandparents did.

Once you have your chestnuts prepped … Read More

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Entrepreneur Interview: Brennan Proctor, Founder of UncleBrutha’s Allsauce

by Jordan Anthony-Brown, special to Edible DC


Editor’s Note: This is the complete interview that was excerpted in the Early Winter/Holiday 2014 issue of Edible DC: “Getting Saucy with UncleBrutha and Apinya”, page 32

Like many hot sauce lovers, Brennan Proctor used to have a few go-to products that he used when wanting to add some spice to his food. However, Proctor always felt a sense of dissatisfaction when searching his hometown of D.C. for quality hot wings. “I didn’t like the flavor of most wings,” says Proctor, “they were either just hot for the sake of being hot, or didn’t really have good flavor.” And so he did what any enterprising individual would do, and set out to create his own wing recipe. “I used some of my preferred hot sauce products as the base, along with other ingredients, but was always motivated to create something from scratch … Read More

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Entrepreneur Interview: Adam Ross, Co-Founder at Apinya

by Jordan Anthony-Brown, special to Edible DC


Editor’s Note: This is the complete interview that was excerpted in the Early Winter/Holiday 2014 issue of Edible DC: “Getting Saucy with UncleBrutha and Apinya”, page 32

Sometimes, a great product comes to life through ordinary means, as did Apinya Thai Food Co., created and owned by husband and wife team Adam and Apinya Ross. “Since we met in 2011, we’ve taken turns cooking dinner, with Apinya typically making food from Issan – the Northeast Thailand region where she grew up,” says Adam. “One night, she made a dipping sauce from ginger, garlic, chilies, vinegar, and soybean paste. It was a perfectly balanced combination of salty, sour, sweet, and spicy. It had to be shared.”

The couple immediately started bottling the original Thai Chili Sauce in their kitchen, looking to pass it out to friends and seek feedback. Over the next 8 … Read More

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Mixing with the Masses at MetroCooking DC

by Andrew Marder, special to Edible DC

MetroCooking DC, a two-day culinary extravaganza, is an overwhelming experience. Vendors ranging from DC root beer brewer Thunder Beast to national brands like Kind Healthy Snacks litter the floor. A visitor could easily gain thirty pounds from samples alone—and that’s not counting the booze or the Grand Tasting Pavilion.

ToddEnglishTodd English signs his new book Cooking in Everyday English

Food lovers were packed into the Washington Convention Center like sardines this past weekend, where celebrity chefs signed books and put on demonstrations, headlined by Food Network mainstays Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri. Cookbook authors dotted the convention floor; in one corner you might find James Beard Award-winning chef Todd English promoting his books like Cooking in Everyday English, while author Paula Shoyer was in another direction, leading recipe demonstrations from her book The Holiday Kosher Baker. It was like wandering through … Read More

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To End Veteran Homelessness in DC: A Two-Way Street

By Mariah Pohl, Edible DC Fall 2014 Intern and Contributor

MKitchen-kitchenThe volunteer-run kitchen and prep area at Miriam’s Kitchen.

Today, on Veterans Day, and on any given week day, Miriam’s Kitchen volunteers are up and at ‘em by 5:30 a.m. to start preparing gourmet meals for over 300 individuals. The kitchen runs—and tastes—very much like a restaurant, despite the fact that the patrons aren’t expected to pay for their meals. These “guests” are actually part of the 1,700 people living in the streets of Washington, and this organization is leading the way in caring for the chronically homeless. Especially poignant, is the fact that a large percentage of the homeless who get their breakfast and dinner at Miriam’s Kitchen are veterans, and it is a major goal of this non-profit to end veteran homelessness in D.C., with food as a connector to other supportive services. According to this nonprofit, “U.S. … Read More

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Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey with Red Lentils

An autumn meal that’s hearty, healthy, packed with vitamins, protein, and fiber

by Giacomo Abrusci, special to Edible DC: @giacDC on Twitter


We’re heading into turkey season, so I picked up Ayrshire Farms frozen turkey wings from the Arcadia Mobile Market the other day and made something so simple — and delicious. First, I partially defrosted my turkey wings in a warm water bath then threw them in a stock pot with some chopped carrots, celery, ginger, onions, a habanero pepper, some dried oregano from my garden, and salt. I filled the pot with water then left it to simmer over medium heat for two or three hours while I was doing chores, drinking wine, and checking my Facebook. When the meat was falling off the bone, I strained out the broth, skimmed off any fat, removed the bones and skin and returned the liquid and meat to the stock … Read More

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Farro Risotto with Roasted Pumpkin and Pepitas

Chef de cuisine Harper McClure’s day job is managing the seasonally changing menus and culinary team at BRABO and BRABO Tasting Room, but he was happy to provide a specially designed appetizer for FRESHFARM Market’s annual fundraiser. The “First at the Feast” cocktail party precedes the Farmland Feast dinner, and cocktail party attendees will have small bites designed by eight of DC’s top chefs along with seasonal cocktails concocted by three of DC’s best bartenders. Attendees can also taste local wines with listening to Bluegrass Hall of Fame inductee Tom Gray and his band, the Appalachian Flyer.

harperChef Harper McClure

This event is near and dear to Robert Wiedmaier’s heart and his team, and Chef Harper was happy to participate as one of the featured chefs at the event. A big supporter of farm markets, Chef Harper grew up outside Syracuse, and has had experience working on a strawberry field … Read More

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Pumpkin Patch_5(Photo by Raisa Aziz)… Read More

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Farm to Phone: Instagram Accounts from Local Farms

by Rachael Bender, special to Edible DC

Fall is here, and we’re welcoming it with open arms, boots and sweaters as we get ready to hike through falling autumn leaves. The cool, crisp air blowing through the red and orange hues of fall tell us to enjoy the last days of outdoor fun before winter clobbers us with cold and frost.

While taking a brisk stroll through the city can be invigorating, sometimes you need more to fulfill that back-to-nature desire. Even if you can’t get out to farm country in surrounding Maryland and Virginia, there’s another way to see those adorable animals and pumpkin patches from the comfort of your own phone through Instagram.

So cozy up in a big sweater with a cup on hot cider on your couch and check out these Instagram accounts from local farms, where you can follow the farm-to-phone movement throughout this season … Read More

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