Community Food Rescue, a program of Manna Food Center

CFR, a program of Manna Food Center is Montgomery County's collaborative, coordinated food recovery network. They match food donor businesses with food assistance providers and volunteer food runners. Perfectly good food is redirected to people who may be food insecure BEFORE food is wasted. CFR is the first and only network that provides real-time matching, standardized food safety protocols, capacity-building grants to CFR members, and public recognition. Since inception in September 2015, CFR has rescued and redirected more than 1.6 million lbs (1 million meals) of perfectly good food to people experiencing hunger and keeping food out of the landfill.

Nourish Now

Nourish Now's mission is to solve two major social issues simultaneously: food waste and hunger. Fresh food is recovered from restaurants, caterers, farms and other licensed food providers throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Food is then donated directly to families in need and partner organizations to help support their food distribution efforts. In 2016 alone, Nourish Now collected and distributed over 350,000 pounds of food, which was a 65% increase over the previous year. In April 2017 they hit a milestone of 1,000,000 lbs of food recovered and distributed since its inception.

Together We Bake (formerly Fruitcycle)

Fruitcycle was founded in 2014 with the mission of providing second chances for women, specifically a nonprofit job training and personal development program for women who have been formerly incarcerated, homeless, recently immigrated or been out of work for a long period of time. Fruitcycle was the first food business founded in the DC area (and one of the first in the U.S.) to specifically make products out of food waste and 100% of the fruit they use would have otherwise gone to waste. All their food waste is from local, family farmers within 125 miles of their facility. To date, they have rescued almost 24,000 pounds of apples and they work with Veterans Compost to compost the cores and scraps they can't use.