Black Ankle

In pursuit of making great wine, Black Ankle is fully committed to being an estate winery – every grape for every bottle of wine produced is grown on its farm and always has been. Each of the 80,000 vines is hand-tended at least eight times each season as  small adjustments are made optimize crop load, leaf density and fruit position. Black Ankle is a believer in making use of the local resources and fostering those resources so that they will continue to be available down the road.  A great deal of time is spent farming the soil – making sure that the microbial life in the soil has a good mix of air, water and nutrients so it can create a healthy environment for the vines.  As often as possible – Black Ankle uses locally made compost to provide fertility, and farms without the use of herbicides. Outside of the vineyard, and around the farm, Black Ankle makes the best use of all of the resources available.  The tasting room and winery building are made from straw, clay, stone and wood grown or found on the farm. Solar panels cover the winery and tasting room roofs to capture and gain maximum use of the sunlight and geo-thermal heating system was built for the farmhouse to take advantage of the steady temperatures of the earth, just below the surface.

Early Mountain Vineyards

Early Mountain Vineyards is owned by former AOL executives Jean and Steve Case, whose goal it is to elevate Virginia wine country to be one of the competing wine regions of the world. The award winning winemaking team is led by winemaker Ben Jordan who is committed to practicing thoughtful viticulture in the vineyard, and employing some experimental winemaking techniques in the cellar. The team at Early Mountain is dedicated to showcasing the Best of Virginia and sharing some of the finest wines that the state has to offer.

The Vineyards at Dodon

Dodon The commitment to sustainable farming practices, the expertise and dedication of all involved, and the quality of the grapes grown on the nearly 300 year old farm in Anne Arundel county all contribute to the superb quality of the wines made at Dodon. The Vineyards at Dodon make every effort to reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides through an array of natural remedies including wild flowers, crab meal and intentional orientation of the vineyard. This thorough process encourages the growth of healthy bacteria and friendly insects while eliminating common pests and mildews that can cause problems for the grapes. The location itself is such an asset to the local economy as it truly raises the bar for its breathtaking views and historical landscape. In addition to responsible farming practices, Dodon is also 100% solar powered. Dodon also believes in supporting our local  community and in turn supports the South River Federation, No Kid Hungry, the Ulman Cancer Fund, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Alliance for the Bay, the Acokeek Foundation, Annapolis YWCA, ARC of Maryland through donations.