Atlas Brew Works

Atlas Brew Works produces hand crafted artisanal beer in 20 barrel batches at their facility in Ivy City in Northeast DC. Visitors  can stop in for a tasting, tour, or a growler to go. CEO Justin Cox grew up in Tennessee and went to school at Vanderbilt. Afterwards Cox came to DC for government work. When Cox finally committed to starting his own brewery he decided that DC’s burgeoning craft scene would be perfect for their varied and oftentimes sophisticated offerings. In just a few years, Atlas has expanded in big ways, both in terms of output and styles brewed. As of August 2015, Atlas is a 100% solar-powered brewery through their partnership with Solar Solutions. 

Lost Rhino Brewing Company

Founders Matt and Favio have deep roots in Ashburn located in Loudoun County Virginia. They were both brewers at Old Dominion for many years. When Old Dominion was moved out of state they decided it was time to stay in Virginia and start their own brewery. They were both committed to bringing great craft beer back to the community that deserved a place it could call its own, and hence Lost Rhino was born. In addition to their commitment to supporting local community by using locally sourced ingredients, they try to contribute to organizations who put forth the most effort in conserving the planet, life, and supporting the betterment of society through education. It’s important to them to give back to the great outdoors as well as the community, which supports them. To that end, they are driven to support organizations such as Loudoun Hunger Relief, African Wildlife Foundation, and the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia, just to name a few. Native Son is an all Virginia Beer brewed with 100% Virginia grown ingredients, a true pioneer brew and a first for Virginia. Ingredients include: hand-crafted malt from Copper Fox Distillery grown at Billy Dawson’s Bays Best Feed in the Northern Neck, Hops harvested in Leesburg at Sage Hill Farms, and yeast harvested a few miles from the brewery by our own Jasper Akerboom. In addition to this 100% local brew, Lost Rhino uses locally sourced ingredients in several of their other beers including Face Plant IPA and Lost Rhino Root Beer.

Waredaca Brewing Company

Waredaca Farm recently received recognition by the Maryland Farm Stewardship Certification and Assessment Program (FSCAP) certifying the farm and its current manager’s, Robert & Gretchen Butts, as agricultural stewards.  Since its inception in 2010, FSCAP has certified 91 agricultural conservation stewards protecting over 27,000 acres in 16 counties within the State.  Waredaca is one of 20 horse farms in the state to receive this distinction. Waredaca Brewing Company shares these same ideals and as part of their to maintain or enhance this same stewardship mindset.  The plan includes the following items focused on the environment a limited impact to it: use best brewing/operating practices to limit water usage throughout the brewery and tasting room, spent grain to be given to local farmer for feed or mixed in with the farm manure for composting, best brewing practices will be used to release as little CO2 as possible, in addition to their own agriculture items grown on the farm, use as much organic/local grain and hops as possible, planting of additional fruit trees, growing of hops as organically as possible, all products used in the tasting room will be reusable, recyclable or compostable. Being a zero-waste brewery is not a feasible option but they strive to be as low waste as possible.