Chef Kyle Bailey x Spring House Farm + Old Line Fish Co.

Chef Bailey has supported hog farm, Spring House Farm, and Farmer Andrew Crush by buying their pasture-raised hogs and even showing other chefs how to do whole animal butchery butcher and teaches them break down the whole animal, using the “nose to tail” in the restaurant. He also has been a leader in spreading the word with other DC chefs about the superior flavor of pastured pork versus commodity pork. Farmer Crush credits this partnership with really helping his farm grow and thrive as a business. 

Today, over 90% of seafood in the US is imported. Almost half that seafood comes from places where there are little or no regulations for food safety. Because seafood is perishable and there are no major commercial fishing ports near D.C., it is almost always shipped via airplanes, one of the highest carbon producing means of transport. Salt Line Executive Chef Kyle Bailey is doing something about this problem. Chef Bailey is D.C.’s founding participant in the Dock to Dish program, a model much like community supported agriculture systems. This program has revolutionized the seafood industry by creating hyper-local, membership-based supply-driven cooperatives across North and Central America. The Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF) program connects fishermen via Annapolis-based Old Line Fish Co. with outstanding chefs and diners throughout the region. The Salt Line’s fish and shellfish are sourced from Maryland's portion of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. They are always caught in accordance with state and federal fishing guidelines. The Salt Line is committed to serving fish that is fresh and never frozen, and gives diners the chance to try unusual species that are in abundance – not just overfished varieties we see everywhere. The pioneering initiative is part of a larger national food movement designed to reconnect chefs and restaurants directly with their local fisheries as well as go back to a “know your fisherman” culture. By participating in this program Chef Bailey is bringing a face to the food that he serves, building stronger community ties, and putting ethical fishing above imported product. This ensures that The Salt Line upholds itself as a restaurant that places value on good tasting food and environmental benefits.

Chef Rob Weland x One Acre Farm


Chef Rob Weland met Mike of One Acre Farm after reading about a MD state program that introduced farmers and chefs in the hopes that a partnership of some form would grow.  At the time, Rob was on a hiatus trying to plan his own restaurant opening and Mike was trying to find customers for his produce rather than commit to selling at farmer's markets every weekend. For about 18 months, Mike and Rob talked in theory about how this might work, got to know each other and poured over seed catalogs together in the winter.  What began as an idea, became a reality where Mike brings Rob the produce remaining from his Capitol Hill CSA pickup every week so that it does not go to waste.  Rob is thrilled to be able to work with Mike selecting cool heirloom varieties and planning ahead from season to season thus allowing him to tailor his menu to a certain degree and experiment with new products.  It also helps Rob understand farming - how weather impacts certain crops, what works in the DMV and what doesn't. Mike is learning from what the Garrison kitchen does with his produce and in turn can pass on that information to CSA members if they don't know what to do with their weekly delivery in their own kitchens.

Chef Tarver King x Patowmack Farm

Chef Tarver respects the fresh ingredients brought to the kitchen and they are treated as a celebration. Drawing from the bounty of organic produce from what Patowmack Farm and the local region has to offer, he finds unlimited resources for implementing his creative cuisine. His commitment to supporting local farmers, artisan producers and fisherman is unwavering. He forages on Patowmack farm and elsewhere in the DMV, harvesting from trees and weeds and incorporating all them into his menu.